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After failing to find any real answers at the many shops here in Japan. I ask you all the community here this question.


If the iPads can use a micro sd card reader then why can't the iPhone 4S use it? My wife has a PPC G4 PB that has her music that we have for our regular iPod nano we use. Now that we both got the 4S she of course wanted to put her music on to the new phone and get the pics off of her old cell and put them onto her new 4S. The one work around I found to do for the pics was drop box. It's a pain in the rear but it works. Just doesn't work for music. So since iTunes 4.2 and Mac OS 10.4 don't work for the 4S I've been thinking of biting the bullet and just buy a new Mac for my wife. Then I saw the camera kits. Some say 4S OK. But the kit has to be first connected to an iPad then have a usb cable connected to the 4S in order to swap pics. Why can't the kit just hook up to the 4S and then swap the pics to the sd card? Why does it need the iPad for it to do it? If Apple would had allowed 10.6 to use iCloud I could have used my MPB to upload the iTunes library of hers and then have her log in to her account on the 4S. So am I SOL on this?

If anybody has or knows of a sd card reader that the 4S can use or of a service that I could upload her library to and then have her put her songs directly on her 4S I am all ears here.


Many thanks in advance

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