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Had my Iphone 4 connected to my mac today.


Took a call, then looked through my phone and all the phone numbers have lost there contact name details. ***


It seeems that the problem is releated to Sync as my contacts are located via microsoft outlook. But sync details are turned on and they are not syncing. Have backed up office 2011 and reinstalled fresh, and still not syncing is happening. So that would say that this is not an office related software issue.


Anyone esle have this prob, or can recommend a plan of attack from here as I'm lost but to backup all and start from scratch.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, 10.6.8
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    My contact list didn't transfer after the upgrade.  Tried everyones advice without success.  Finally discovered I had 11 emails from Apple wanting me to verify my user and email account.  When I answered the email, all of my contacts loaded flawlessly into my iPhone.  When attempting to restore, check your email for a message from Apple verifying your identity.