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macbook air does not reconize monitor from HDMI TV

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Display
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    I've asked the mods to relocate this to the MacBook Air forum. This one is for iMacs from 1998 to 2005.

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    Look in System Preferences > Displays.  If the Arrangement tab is missing then the MBair probably has a bad or improper connection to the TV.  If the tab is present then the MBair reconizes the connection.  Turn the tv tuner to the proper HDMI input and you should see the "galaxy" wallpaper.


    This would be extended desktop mode or a logical extension of the desktop to the right of the MBair monitor.  Drag an app off the right side of your screen and it appears on the TV.


    Toggle CMD F1 to switch between extended desktop and mirror modes.

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    help in troubleshooting Macbook to Sony HDMI... I  HAVE had the miniport/ HDMI cable connection working - I just plugged it into both ports and it worked - i.e. No fussing with "settings". Now, after kids hooked up Wii game – computer to TV does not work…

    My <system preferences> -> Display -> detect displays does not register any connection [alert: the arrangement tab of Display preferences is hidden because you only have a singe display attached to this computer].

    Q? is it the computer that does not recognize hookup or is it the TV that does not recognize the hookup?

    I have done all the standard go online for answers: reboot both, turn off both, connect cable, check input to HDMI, reset PRAM,

    Still no success…

    Your suggestions …??