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All of my album folders -- but not the individual albums within them -- include the photos from my most recently viewed event.  How do I prevent this?

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    Not at all sure what you are asking


    in iPhoto albums are logical things that are database pointers to photos in the library (events or photos view)


    Folders do not contain photos but contain either albms or other folders


    What exactly are you talking about and what are you seeing?



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    The top item under Recent is, for example, Alice's Birthday, which is an event.  Under Albums, I have a folder called Remodeling Project and it contains two albums, Kitchen and Bathroom.  When I click on either Kitchen or Bathroom, iPhoto displays only the photos in the particular album I select.  However, when I click on the Remodeling Project folder, iPhoto displays all of the photos in both Kitchen and Bathroom, plus all of the photos in Alice's Birthday.

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    Yes.  That's the way it's supposed to work.  Clicking on the folder displays all of the photos in the albums contained within the folder. If you want to narrow the view to just one of the albums then click on that album.


    What do you want to see when you click on the folder itself?



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    Recent are not folders or albums - they are just links to photos - the last event viewed - the lias n months photos - the last import - etc - if you are not interested in them jsut ignore them - they take no time ro space