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Just bought this new 27' iMac i7 model 12.2 mic 2011, I LOVE IT! but I need more memory. Apple says the max is 16g but OWC (Other World Computing) says it can use 32g ? is it only using 4g on each stick or is it as the specs say with this processor capble of utilizing 32g? I trust Apple but I am a little confused. Also Cnet has an article also saying the machine can handle 32g ? Also read some comments on Cnet saying that after market vendors recieve "loose" parts to build on from the manufacturer and do not pass certain testing processes in some cases; and we should only buy the same memory as Apple has installed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 27' i7 model 12.2
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    Also OWC guarantees this memory upgrade to 32g will not void the warranty?

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    As far as I know, the CURRENT iMac can handle up to 32 Gigs of RAM/Memory... 8 Gigs per ram slot.


    I personally use OWC memory on my iMac and can tell you with all sincerity that it works GREAT.


    Upgrading the memory on an Apple computer yourself, will NOT void the warranty.





    The following was posted by another user in another similar discussion...         





    OWC and Crucial have discovered the 2010 and 2011 27" iMacs will support up to 32GB of RAM. Apple only sells up to 16GB because that is all they officially support. Both OWC and Crucial are trusted vendors so you can buy from them with confidence. If you decide to only get 16GB DO NOT buy it from Apple, you can buy the RAM for significantly less from either OWC or Crucial, install it in 10 minutes or less and have no affect on the warranty. If you decided to upgrade to 32GB each of the 4 slots will have a 8GB DIMM and if upgrade to 16GB each slot will have a 4GB DIMM installed.



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    Thanks a bunch! I have a research program that took almost 11 hours to download on a fast Internet connection because of the huge library it has to have on board to access. I just have it parked right now and a few pages on safari and a couple apps and checked my activity monitor and it is pegging out the memory and swapping almost 6G to the drive; and I'm not even trying to work it. when I try anything much more I have to wait on the letters in a text field like this to catch up.... I'm headed over to OWC and order 32g for this beast at $319.00 that much memory would have cost 1200 - 1400 dollars not too long ago!


    Thanks again!

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    You're welcome.

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    Put 32g RAM in this iMac today from OWC. It recognized it all and this baby is way faster than it was especially when I get all my apps running at the same time with several safari windows open - It'll take anything I throw at it and never grunt. The activity monitor is showing an almost solid green pie graph with only a very small slice out of it. With 0 page outs. whereas before it had a nearly solid yellow and a few other colors with a very tiny green slice if one at all and sometimes up to over 6g of page outs. The spinning beach ball was popping up constantly.

    All I can say is Wow! it's like a different computer; I am so glad I did it. I don't see how I could ever have memory problems for quite a long while if ever....

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    Very cool.