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How do I add my new iPhone4s to iCloud's "Find my iPhone"? I followed the iCloud instructions and turned on Macbook Pros' system prefs to "find my mac", turned on iPhone4s's "location services" and set up iCloud, etc. In the "Find my iphone" tab of my new iCloud account (on my Macbook Pro) my iPhone4s still won't show—but my macbook does show. I had my iPhone4s set up at the phone store (2 days ago) and It receives gmail, my contacts and calender entries, the weather, etc. I installed the "Find iPhone" app from iTunes on the iPhone4s, synched to iTunes, even reset the phone, but the only device that gets located is my Macbook Pro. I can send a "sound" message to my Mac (and the Mac recieves it) but unable to see the iPhone4s from my Mac, let alone send any message. Any suggestions to get the iPhone4s device to appear in iCloud?

Thank you in advance for your help.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    OK, I figured it out...I deleted the iCloud account off my iPhone (Settings, iCloud, Delete Account), and then added iCloud back in (Settings, iCloud, SignIn)....and then my email (iCloud) and "Find my phone" features worked! Nice!!!!