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I have a requirement to monitor at least one and ideally several locations in my house simultaneously, usually this is overnight when I want to watch my female dogs for signs of labour or check the welfare of mother and pups, if I have visual confirmation that all is well it saves me from getting up many times in night to check them.


This time I have two females sharing care of a large litter in two different rooms and I am managing it as follows,

Room 1 = MacBook iSight camera to bedside iPad via Skype

Room 2 = iPhone 4s back camera to bedside MacBook Air  via FaceTime


This works very well however it ties up a lot of kit that I would rather not use, it is not so bad at night but if I could find dedicated remote cameras it would be so much easier, they would not have to set up each night and dismantled each day so that the kit can be put to its proper use.


Can anyone recommend reasonably priced, remote cameras that can connect to a iPad and a MacBook Air preferably over wifi but with cables may be possible.

I don't need low light cameras as I can leave the lights on in those rooms and I don't need audio since I can hear the whelps from my bedroom.


Any help gratefully received

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    (1) For your specified approach, search for IP baby monitor cams or nanny cams.  You can choose the features you like, and internet connection lets you watch on ANYTHING that can connect to the web.


    I have never used anything like what you are asking about, but here is ONE vendor offering a wide variety of harware that I found with a one minute search: http://www.networkcamerastore.com/products/baby-cam/


    (2) There are many other sources, including sources for some other baby monitoring technologies that may serve your needs.  You don't show where you live, but, if in the USA, local department stores like Target, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. will have some baby monitor cam examples you can consider.


    (3) If you are open to an alternative approach, consider Security Spy on your MacBook with the mix of cams as you need.  You can even use additional Mac-compatible USB webcams like those discussed in http://www.mac-compatible-web-cam.com/



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