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I have found other discussions on here that give ways that I'm supposedly able to view my iTunes balance from my iPad or iPod. But none of them are working for me. Does anyone else know how I can see my iTunes balance from my iPad3????? I am only able to see it on my PC but I'm being lazy and don't want to boot up my PC just for this :):) Thanks.

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    You should be able to see your iTunes balance in the iTunes app or the App Store. You have to be signed into your Apple ID on the iPad in Settings>Store ...


    Launch the App Store and swipe to the bottom of the screen in the featured tab. Your balance should be in plain view. You can do this iTunes as well. Tap on the Music tab and swipe to the bottom of the screen.

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    It's not there. I see my apple ID and it says "Welcome Jessica" and gives me a few other things I can select so I know I'm logged in. But my balance is not there.

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    Just so that I am clear should your account be showing a balance? You will only see a balance if you have money left from gift card or if you use an iTunes allowance. Are you sure that you have a balance to see?


    If you want to see a purchased history report shwing the dates of purchases and the cost of the items - you can only view that in iTunes on a computer.

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    Ohhhh...I wanted to see my purchase history....Now i know! Thanks for your help though.

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    If you entered an email address you should have been emailed the receipt :) hope this helps


    I added my hotmail to the iPad so its easier

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    I can't see my itunes balance from me computer. You would think they would have it up front, if you had money to spend.

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    Frustratingly it is usual Apple "helpfulness" in as much as it does not show zero balance in iTunes.

    Lots of ways that can happen , such as non transparent process in crediting,

    masking things like delays and steps in the process.


    things will(may) EVENTUALLY show up


    Look for missing steps in credit pprocess from gifts and billing to credit cards

    Exit and re-enter beforre you enter the **** that is trying to find out what went wrong.

    It works ,probably, it just sometimes in that Apply kind of way , takes its time, at its pace, not yours

    MS stuff tends to not work faster, so you get faster feedback

    My experence in my OSX stuff is that it tends to work, but demands more trust that it is taking care of things


    It Just Works......Eventually, Probably




    Trust if you must, but verify, verify.

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    I WAS able to see my itunes balance (yes I have money remaining to spend) on my MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and Ipad4 prior to IOS7.  Since IOS7 the balance no longer appears at the bottom of the AppStore under "Featured". It still appears on my MACs when in Itunes when in ITunes Store.


    Since I am making most purchases (Apps) on my IPad, i am wondering why it has disappeared.


    Any help is appreciated.


    I just looked after writing this and the Baklance has been restored to the FEATURED  selection after scrolling to the bottom. My guess is that the switch to IOS7 created a glitch and it has been corrected.

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    I am currently discussing this issue with the folks at iTunes.  I cannot see my account balance anywhere on my iPad or my laptop.


    I have been told that I have zero credit / balance from a gift card that i redeemed a few weeks ago however there is nowhere to actually see this in my account.  I am also of the opinion that this is not correct anyway.  There would always be at least a few cents at least showing because songs do not cost precise dollar amount.


    In previous versions of iTunes you could see your account balance next to your Apple ID on the home screen.  For whatever reason this no longer shows.  Account details only shows credit card, shipping and other information but not even a window for any 'balance'.


    Interestingly, you can view purchase history but gift card redemptions don't even show a 'credit' and not shown. Another flaw because you cant check the full account.


    This is a VERY poor feature - or lack thereof in my opinion!!  Why is it so confusing / difficult???!!!


    Finally, I have tried all of the steps / instructions mentioned previously but none work.