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Hi..I need some major advice, it´s a complicated situation so please bear with me.


Until recently I´ve been working on Final Cut Studio 2 on a 2009  MacBook Pro. Everything was going well until someone spilled water on my laptop and completely ruined it. I bought a new MacBook Pro 2012 (non-retina) and restored from my time machine back-up. I got everything back but my FCS 2 applications won´t work with Lion. All my project files are in FCP 6 and Motion3 and I urgently need to access them for a September deadline. I am halfway through this project ( 3 of the 8 films we have promied to deliver have already been delivered to the distribution company in England)


I don´t have the original FCS 2 install discs or serial numbers and I didn´t register my software with Apple. I realise this was very stupid of me but I am prepared to buy a full version of FCS 3 (if I can find one on ebay) if that means I can carry on working on my project.


I would defintely prefer to work with FCS3 if..


1. I can get a reputable copy from someone one ebay


2. I can install it over the top of my unregistered version of FCS 2 without any trouble


if neither of the above apply then I would of course consider using Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5..but will my earlier project files created in FCP 6 and Motion 3 work? I don´t like the look of FCP X and would much prefer to work in FCP 7 if possible.


My boss has an old Mac Book Pro with Snow Leopard (circa 2006 I think) with Final Cut Studio 1 installed. Obviously he cannot access my FS 2 project files. Would it be better to find an old copy of FCS 2 or 3 and install it on that machine and work on the project on that until the project is finished?


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, I hope I have made myself clear and I hope someone can help me





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Mike, you'll likely be short of sympathy here - not having either original discs or registering is more suggestive of illegal copy rather than carelessness.....Don't mean to sound rude, but those discs would have cost you upwards of £600 in 2009 and now you don't have them?


    However, being a positive chap - I believe you can install FCS2 on Lion but you need a copy of the Rosetta application from earlier versions of the OS. Get a copy of Snow Leopard on disc (ebay or maybe an Apple specialist) - it'll be on that and you should be able to install just that application.

    FCS 3 will install on Lion without trouble. If you get a copy just delete FCS2 and install 3.

    Should you need to - Motion 3 projects will open in Motion 5 but you'll have to save them as copies or those files won't open again in M3.

    I wouldn't recommend switching to FCPX part-way through a project. FCPX is very capable but very different.


    Hope that helps


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    Thank you for your help Nigel. I can assure you that it was not an illegal copy. The discs (along with an extensive CD collection) were lost by the shipping firm I used when I moved abroad. "A likely story" I can hear people say but it is the truth.


    My hard drive from my old laptop survived the spillage, could I get Rosetta from that? Or could I even restore my entire system to Snow Leopard?

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    Ouch! Sorry for your loss. (Final cut can be replaced but a CD collection is a bit more personal)


    As far as I know you can't install an older operating system than the one it shipped with on a mac - so your new macbook has to run Lion.

    Can't answer the other question - Rosetta was an optional install if I remember correctly so it'll only be there if you loaded it. Snow leopard discs on ebay for about £30.....

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    Or brand new and sealed from Apple (store or online) for £24.99.