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I'm new to apple, so this may be an easy one (I hope).



I have an iBook clamshell with os X 10.3.9 running.  I want to play some older games, like Diablo 1, squirrel kombat, etc.


What I can't find out anywhere is how to change the resolution for games.  I know for older games (at least on PC) that there was a file that stored your settings, like sound card, resolution, etc.


I can't find anything like that here.  Diablo 1 says that it needs to have a minimum of 640 X 480.  I want to set it at 800 X 600.


How do I do this?


Thanks for your help!



Update, it looks like Diablo is running in classic mode (I thought it would run in OS X)  anyway, the question is still the same!  Thanks!

iBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x), 300 Mhz, 160MB RAM