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For those of you wanting to use the H2 microphonoe with ipad I have managed to connect mine and it works great


You need the apple camera connect kit - however when you plug the zoom mic in you get the power error message.

I saw lots of message about using a powered usb hub but before buying one I thought I would try my TRUST HU-4140p 4 port usb2 hub - this has no external power supply - it worked perfectly.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    Okay. iPad 2 with iOS 6.


    Step 1. Power up Zoom H2 (I used the power adapter).


    Step 2. Press "Menu" on H2, scroll to USB, select Audio I/F, select Connect


    Step 3. Plug USB cable into iPad camera connection USB adapter, then into H2.


    Step 4. iPad says "Cannot use device . . ."


    Step 5. Ignore.


    Step 6. Choose your favorite audio app (e.g. Garageband, Pocket WavePad, Pure Audio Pro, etc.)


    Step 7. Record.


    Sounds good. Strong signal. Can select gain (high, medium, low) on H2 for optimal signal. Low noise. Uncomplicated setup. Probably will work with H2 on batteries, too. Key is to power up H2 and configure it as Audio I/F (stereo microphone) BEFORE connecting to iPad USB. Otherwise, I'm guessing the H2 will try to draw iPad power.


    Hmmm. What am I missing? Can I really safely ignore the "Cannot use device . . ." warning?


    Next episode. Powered USB hub. (Others have indicated this works great)


    Coming soon. iMic USB audio interface with XLR microphone (attached with XLR to stereo mini TRS adapter). What fun!

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    Somewhat late, i know but I just tried the method you described above - connecting the h2 without a powered usb hub, but unfortunateley it didn't work.

    Is it still working for you with iOS 7 ?

    I power up the zoom as a usb a/i, then plug it in the ipad 2. I ignore the error message, then open garageband but i can only record with the built in microphone.

    Any advice/update on your post?

    Best regards!

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    I haven't tested with updated ioS. I switched to Apogee One for iPad which eliminates all of the jury-rigging. But, my guess is that a powered USB hub would make it work. I am using an iPad 2, later models may very well control USB power and limit access with non-standard equipment. So, going forward, I use the Apogee One as a microphone (built-in microphone is excellent) and I have the option of connecting an external microphone (like the H2) using the Apogee One as an interface. The Apogee One has its own power and actually charges the iPad during use. Wish I could be of more help.

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    I was wondering if i can kill 2 birds with one cable... i have both Zoom H2 and Zoom Q3HD and was wondering if anyone has had any experience using either to record (just the audio) via a lightning to usb (camera kit) cable (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD...camera-adapter). If that will work hopefully i can also use the same cable to hook up any midi keyboard (all of which i would like to use in garageband)