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Silly rabbit Level 4 (2,980 points)

As the title states;


Is it possible to install Snow Leopard on an external and use it as a start up disc for a G4 iBook. I am guessing it is no, but instead of trying I thought I'd ask someone who has tried before.


Thanks in advance


  • mende1 Level 10 (92,186 points)

    No, you can't. Snow Leopard is compatible only with Intel-based Macs, not with PowerPC, so your PowerPC-based Mac won't boot from it. Snow Leopard also requires a GUID partition map, and PowerPC Macs can't boot from it

  • a brody Level 9 (65,743 points)

    Snow Leopard is 10.6, and as mendel says, it can't be installed on any PowerPC Mac. 10.5.8 Leopard is the newest system that an iBook G4 can take, and it does not support Classic.  This means if you upgrade past 10.4.11, either using a Firewire xternal hard drive with 10.5 or later, or partitioning your hard drive is recommended if you have any Mac OS 9 software you still depend on.  Partitioning erases the hard drive.  PowerPC Macs can only boot Mac OS X off Firewire when it comes to external hard drive.  A few exceptions are out there, but are difficult to locate.  G4 867 Mhz or higher or G5 is necessary for 10.5.8.  Pre-August 28, 2009  Intel Macs can also run 10.5, and have an added capability to use Boot Camp, to run Windows.