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I am having problems on running an application which requires jre 1.5. The error says "The application has requested a version of the JRE(jre 1.5) that is not installed. Please help

MacBook Pro, SNow Leopard 10.6.8
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    That's "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE). In your Utilities folder, you should see an application called "Java Preferences". Make sure that Java is enabled.


    That should take care of your problem.



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    I tried that earlier but it didnt work. I have updated java from apple and tried many forums also. I believe jre is embedded in the latest Java update from apple. Any other solution please.

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    I google searched what you said was the error report in first comment and find a lot of things... One I read said it is an older version. But if you went to the java.com site www.java.com maybe they have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that have your answer ?

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    May I be nosy and inquire what is the application?

    And here is the help page at java:


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    Java for MAC is provided not by oracle but by Apple updates for Snow leopard cuz it was embedded in the OS. For Snow leopard version 10.6.8, JRE is not available in apple software update and i cannot update from JAva.


    IF i am not correct please guide me in the right direction.

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    The application is actually a server which i acces through Safari browser by putting the ip address of the server in the address bar. The welcome page opens and there is a "start" button. When I press it for login it gives this error.

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    It is not a very big thing technicaly cuz i have windows in one partition and i can connect through that also but in my organization of 300 engineers only i have a MAc book and windows people are always trying to find a problem with that. I cannot give them this chance because then they will have a reason to bug me for the rest of my life including my Technical Manager and my Chief Technology Officer. So guys please i need this like oxygen!!!!! Hope you understand my position.



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    Hello Again. Did you go to the java site and install it? Did you go to the site and read their offerings?

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    The solution is simple. First, if someone bugs u, ask him to go to ****. If the problem persists, then give him ek kaan k neechey. Phir bhi agar masla hall na ho tu sell this macbook n buy something else. Lolzz.

    No offences but, i mean, ye bhi koi masla hy? jokes apart, but ppl always help each other if they r asked to. if u'll ask for help from these 300 engineers they'll def help u to sort it out. c im the only female in my dept where i work. n ppl r always kind enough to help me no matter how busy they r. i have always been helped by everyone. i mean agar main hoti tu may tu yahi karti. btw just use the windows. is sy kya hojayega if u won't use the other OS or whatever that is?

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    I am having the same problem as you. I don't think they are understanding that you cannot download Java for Mac from Oracle. It has to be done through Apple's Software Update. Problem is my software is up-to-date and I am receiving the same error as you. I have checked that Java is enabled in the Java Preferences app in Utilities and it's still not working. Did you find a solution for this?

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    Maheen,   sweety ,,go get a manicure. 



    brother, i couldnt solve the problem as i updated it from the apple software update still it was not solved. Then i upgraded to osx lion so that i can solve the problem.  But i havent spent time on this issue cuz i was quite busy in other issues. No need to upgrade to lion specifically for this purpose otherwise lion is very good. I will let u guys know of any updates.



    Crampy brother : for snow leopard u cant update from Java site directly. U need to update from mac software updat. And no it didnt solve the problem.

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    very funny!!!!