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How do I upgrade from iMovie 9 to iMovie 11 on my older iMac? Why doesn't  'Software Update' say that there is a newer version is available?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    In order to upgrade to a higher version number you must purchase it.

    You can buy it via the App Store.

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    To install iMovie 11 from the App store, you must have Lion (OSX 10.7.4) installed. You cannot install iMovie in Snow Leopard (10.6). This was a change with the latest release of iMovie 11. (iMovie 9.0.6)

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    So the App store wants to know which application to download i,t I guess? I navigate to it? What application do I use to get the app? How do I get Lion? Is their an app for that?

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    Lion is available on the Mac App Store here... http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/os-x-lion/id444303913?mt=12


    iMovie 11 is available in the Mac App Store here... http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imovie/id408981434?mt=12


    Note: If you can wait a couple of weeks, you might consider upgrading from Snow Leopard directly to Mountain Lion. Details are here. http://www.apple.com/osx/how-to-upgrade/

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    The reason I mention waiting...

    If I understand the Mountain Lion upgrade price, you can go directly to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard for $20.

    If you install Lion now ($30) and Mountain Lion later ($20), then you have spent $50 rather than $20.


    But if you need iMovie right away, you may not want to wait.

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    Hello AppleMan1958,


    You appear to be the most knowledgeable person out there on iMovie topics. I believe the issue I am having is a bit different, but I wanted to ask my question in this chain to ensure you would see it.  I have iMovie 09, I am currently using Mac OSX 10.8.3.   I can't update to iMovie11.  It claims everything is installed and no updates are available; however, as far as I can tell, it is still iMovie 09'. Have you seen or heard of this before?  Your input would be greatly appreciated.




    I have tried to receive the update in the App Store, as well as, attempting to check for software updates via the iMovie file menu tab.


    Thank you in advance,


    Best regards,






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    The answer is the same.

    You must purchase iMovie '11 via the App Store. It replaces iMovie '09.

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    Thank you for your reply.  I have tried that, and it claims that it is already installed, and I am not finding a place to purchase an upgrade?  Hopefully I didn't miss the exact answer up above, I'll go back through and re-read.

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    Hi David,


    Apologies if this seems obvious, but are you aware that iMovie '11 is actually version 9.0.8 (that's the latest update). The numbering of versions can be confusing. iMovie '09 is actually version 8.0.6.


    In iMovie's menu click on iMovie > About iMovie. What does it show for version number?



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    That was my thought as well. If you have 9.08, then you have iMovie 11.

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    Thank you both very much.  Unfortunately, I am only running 8.0.6.  Which is why I am so confused.  I am confident this must be user error, but I am truly perplexed.


    Again, Thank you both very much.  If you can think of anything else it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Normally, if the App Store says it has installed iMovie 11, then it is there somewhere.


    Here are some things to try.

    1) Look in your Applications folder. Is iMovie 09 there? Is it at the top level of the folder or is it within another folder? I could envision a situation where installing iMovie 11 does not overwrite iMovie 09 if it is not in the standard place.  And if the original dock icon was still pointing to iMovie 09, then you would never notice iMovie 11.


    2) If you spot two iMovies in the application folder, or if you spot iMovie 11, then double click it from the Applications folder. You should see the icon for it appear over to the right of your dock. Right click it and choose "Keep in Dock".  If this works, you can drag the icon for iMovie 09 out of your dock.


    3)Open LaunchPad and see if you see two versions of iMovie there. You can launch iMovie from the launchpad and then keep it in the dock as described in #2.


    4) Another way to tell. Go to /About This Mac/More Info/System Report/

    Under Software, click on Applications to expand the list of applications. See if you see it there.


    5) In the App Store, look at your Purchases tab. See if you see iMovie 11 there. If so, try to install it.

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    Spot on, options 1 and 2 made it happen.  I am now utilizing iMovie 11.  Thank you very much!!!  You Rock!