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I have having trouble with the new iPhoto 9.3   When I import a photo, it will not go to my most recent folder.   It only goes to the library section.   I have called Apple support twice and have gone through the lengthy steps of dumping iPhoto files from my library, and then rebuilding everything.   It takes the 4th option, rebuild data base to make it work again.   However, that only lasts for one day.   The next time I open iPhote, it is back to the same way.   I spent an hour on the phone last night, I certainly do know how to do it now, but what is the point, when it will just happen again?   Is anyone else having this problem with the new update.   It is driving me crazy.   I am not going to bother fixilng it again if it just lasts one day.   I want a permanent fix.   Help

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    What do you mean by "most recent folder" - Last Import? Last N Months? ??


    In the "library section" does teh event show properly? Are the dates correct?



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    I mean in my folder that says last 18 months--under the Recent heading.   In the library section the photos are shown in both photos and events.   The dates on my camera are correct.   I have called Apple care and we have repaired this twice.   First I have to find my library (hidden under the GO heading.) Then go to library, dump the cache and everything with iphoto in the title.   Close iPhoto.   Then hold option and command at the same time and click on iPhoto.  It will open with a box with 4 things that can be done to rebuild or restore.   The 4th one is the one that works--do not rebuild the snapshots--that takes forever!!   Anyway, this works --for about 24 hours, then it reverts back.   This all started with the update to 9.3.   Two other problems.   If I send a photo through iPhoto, and I type anything with it, the typing shows up on the photo and is almost impossible to read.   Got that info back from the person I wrote to.   And my photos that I put in the photo stream have disappeared, all but 3.   They still are in the photo stream on my iPad and my husband's computer (not with updated iPhoto--I said do not do this.)   So, I could fix this again, but what is the point?   It takes forever and does not last.   I think we need a software correction of some kind for iPhoto 9.3.   Is anyone else having this problem?