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10.7.4 on iMac i7 27". I have a 2tb external USB drive hooked to the Mac and mounted. I can access the drive on the Mac no problem. The problem is, when mapping a drive to this USB drive on windows 7. I can see the share on winbloze but when double clicking the drive, I get either a parameter is incorrect or promoted for a username/password. In the case of the username/password, I enter name or ip of imac\user name and their is no password. This just continuously prompts for the username\password.

The permissions on the USB drive are read/write for the iMac user and everyone but still prompts for a user\password. Get info on the USB drive under permissions just show you have read write. When I go into sys prefs, sharing, file sharing is checked. Clicking options and all selections are checked. The odd thing is in the list of shared folders to the right where it shows permissions, it shows read/write but they are greyed out. Documents folder is also shared and I can connect to that folder with no username/password prompt.


I have rebooted the Mac, ejected the USB drive and powered it off and plugged it back in to a different USB port on the Mac. I have repaired permissions on the Mac hd too. What can I do to get this USB drive shared?