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I heard about the replacement program for the ipod nano (1st gen) this is the automated response i received from apple after submitting my request, did anyone recieve this too? As i do not have an extended warranty or protection plan, I thought the recall programme was open to all Apple customers with 1st gen Nanos regardless of extended warrantys/protection as the product has a known defect?



'Our initial diagnosis indicates that because your product replacement will likely be covered by the warranty, an AppleCare Protection Plan, or another Apple repair program, there should be no charge to you. If we have questions or concerns regarding the repair coverage, we will notify you.


Within seven business days, you should receive the return instructions for the original and shipping materials for you to use. Please don't use any other package, because if the original is damaged in shipping as a result of improper packaging, it will not be eligible for service and will be returned to you unrepaired. Do not include any other items, such as the power cord, as they will not be returned to you. The ship time to Apple will be approximately two business days. Apple will send you an email when your product reaches the repair center.


If service is covered under the warranty, an AppleCare service contract, or an Apple repair program; the terms of the warranty, the AppleCare service contract, or the Apple repair program will apply. Please refer to your existing documentation for details.'


Any response to this will be helpful as i do not want to send my ipod to Apple and incur any sort of charges for repair/service.



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