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I repaired my hard drive from the installation disk and my upgrade to OS 10.7 went through without erasing my disk and following these instructions. I never saw the error message again.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    And what is this post in reference to???????




    And thanks for sharing.

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    When I tried to load OS 10.7, I got an error message to visit apple.com/support/no-recovery that suggested I back up my files, then erase my hard disk, then reinstall 10.6, then upgrade, then reload my files. This seemed dangerous and lengthy solution, so I rebooted from my installation disk, ran disk repair, and then tried to install 10.7. It worked.

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    You had 10.6.8, you tried to upgrade to 10.7 and it didn't work.


    So you booted off the 10.6 install disk and Repaired the boot drive, after that you were able to upgrade to 10.7.



    From now on you hold the Command and R keys while booting to boot into 10.7 Recovery HD (partition) to do the same thing.


    The link your refering too is for those who don't have the 10.7 Recovery HD partition for some reason, they need to boot off the 10.6 disk and then erase, then install 10.6 then update, then install 10.7 again to restore the Recovery HD partition that gets installed when you upgrade to 10.7.