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I have a 2nd generation ipod shuffle(2GB) and using windows 7 in the pc, every time i connect my ipod i have to restore it and sync, still there always be a problem showing this device can't be readable or writable and i can't sync it every time.

iPod shuffle, Windows 7
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    Mac OS X

    Did this work properly before?  Or has it always had this problem since trying to use it with this computer?


    As a test, try shutting down (powering off) your computer.  Disconnect ALL of your USB devices, including hub, except for standard keyboard and mouse (if it's not a laptop).  Use this procedure to reset the shuffle




    Start up computer.  Run iTunes.  Connect shuffle to a direct USB port on the computer.  Do a Restore and sync if necessary, then see if there is improvement the next time you connect it.