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I have a new 128GB SDD drive I want to use in my Mac as well as a SATAII 1TB hard drive I have already.  I already run Snow Leopard and Lion due to hardware not supported by Lion I still need to use.  As Mountain Lion is coming out soon, I have read about keeping the OS and Apps on an SDD drive and Data on a separate larger standard HDD (as much cheaper than an SSD is).


I use Lion for probably 90% of the time and Snow Leopard for the other 10%.


What would be the best way to do this.  I am happy to start off again with a clean install, only transferring the files I need from an external hard drive to my internal HD together with backed up emails etc.  I can't see why I would use Lion by the end of July when Mountain Lion is out, unless any of my other hardware is not supported by it. 


If anyone has already done this or know of any websites with this info on, please let me know.  I have already checked a few websites, but not found the info I need.


Thanks in advance.



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