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As in the topic, is it useful for the graphic performance to upgrade with that much memory?

MacBook Pro, HD4000
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    No. The video memory doesn't change when you upgrade RAM

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    Here's an article benchmarking the 4000 with Windows 7 and 16GB of RAM - I don't know how much VRAM the GPU actually can grab from RAM: maybe someone else would know?



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    upgrading from 4 to 8 GB of RAM makes a difference,




    why should this stop at 8GB...

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    There is no reason for stopping at 8GB. In the HD4000 is either 500GB or 1GB depending on the model.

    RAM is used by the applications, the more Ram the less necessity to buffer on the disk (Activity Monitor, pageins and pageouts), which takes time on an standard harddrive; on an SSD it will take time for the Trim and/or Garbage Collection, which means wear. High amount of ram makes ram-hungry applications run much faster.

    There is one thing to consider also: when the hibernatemode is set to 3 (default) everytime the mac goes to sleep the Ram is completely copied to the disk, so a 16GB ram means a sleepimage file of 16GB ! This large file you find in the root of your disk (hidden file). If you have a small HDD/SSD it makes sense to set the hibernatemode to 0, which eliminates the writing of the sleepimage, and delete the sleepimage. Terminal commands.