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My iPhone was in it's charging dock, like it is every night for the past 2 years. But suddenly, it buzzed. I checked and noticed I cannot turn it on. Nothing worked. So i plugged it in a regular iPhone cable to recharge and the screen turns on and the phone is now asking me all the standard questions for an phone activation (no service, activation required, activate location services, connect to iTunes, ...).  What the **** happened?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    More info for you all:


    Tried to factory reset and restore phone, but crashed during restore process.

    Went to the Apple store.. even their diagnostic tools could not check my phone. They considered it dead and I had to buy another (reduced price but still....)



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    I just had the same issue, I went to refresh e-mail, next thing you know the phone says "resetting itself" and it looks like it did a factory reset.  Went to restore from backup, I can see the restore works for a few secounds, then resets itself again....this came on all of a sudden, phone is in perfect condition.  My phone is 1.5 years old so to talk to support I have to buy an incident.  Anyone else have this issue and were able to resolve it?

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    My phone just died and couldn't start, battery life was at 100% but I connected it to a power source anyway. Tried switching it on again, it turned on. But it asked me to activate the phone and asked for all the initial steps to set up the phone...