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    Well.....   I'm not sure how.... or why....    but I just signed into icloud on my desktop, and my iPad is now listed in "my devices", and it was located immediatly .....


    ... thank you for your tip that you provided above.... in my situation, it worked. (apparently)


    my lucky day (week)....  I guess.....

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    Nice to hear it helped you! Good luck and dont leave it again

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    I did almost nothing to prevent iCloud from wiping my device, after having programmed it to do so.

    After turning on the iPhone, I just used AirPlane mode, removed the phone from my devices in iCloud, made a simple syn with iTunes (everything in the cloud) and voilà, iPhone is back to iCloud list, and can be normally tracked again.

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    i pressed the wiping icon accidentally to my husband's iphone . luckly, his iphone was offline while i did the stupid thing. i have just did the same as the way above and hope all the data will still be there~~~~

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    This I found very usefull as I am nearing sane predicament ! I actually found my lost IPhone after 48 hrs. It was snatched in my handbag and when I run to my house and used " Find my phone" it tracked to a church yard! Someone & the police went off to find it but no success it was dark and after midnight! After 2am battery run out so the tracking turned to Grey after 24 hrs. I went next morning and combed the bushes to no avail although I found some stuff letters etc that were in my handbag. But as I had also lost my house keys and car keys I was disappointed not to find the important stuff. I knew iphone must be in in vicinity & the thief would hardly go back after 2am at night! So following day I went for a final look and found my handbag hanging off a Bush! I had not looked up before believing it on the ground! Believe it or not my iPhone plus a mobile charger and keys were still in the handbag! Could not believe my luck ! Only my diary ( which would have been great to find) must be there somewhere and wallet with Driving License were not there! I believe thief was only interested in the cash!! Very little there!

    Anyway have just pressed x in iCloud and am waiting phone to charge. It had been in the rain so hope it works. I left it to dry out for 24 hrs. I noticed on pressing x they " Erase iphone" is back to original  ! So it looks hopefull


    i will follow your method and see what happens! Thanks it was great advise all of you ,

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    Aparently you can!

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    Happy to report my Iphone is on with all previous data intact!  ! Maybe you pressed erase Devise and not the "x" as explained above as I nearly did. Or maybe you have not turned on " find my IPad" in settings !

    Good luck!

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    Just toggle FMI OFF and ON.

    The wipe command got lost when device was removed from account.

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    This just happened to me, and I can confirm that the post from mngrs is correct. My daughter's phone was tuned off when I sent the wipe/erase command, so I was able to stop the erase by removing her iPhone from the iCloud account. I then powered up her phone, and everything was still there (and still is). I then added her phone to my iCloud account again, and everything is now the way it was. I did not even back it up at the time. I waited 24 hours before doing the 'remove from iCloud' so I do not know if that made any difference, but the point is it worked. I can imagine that Apple must have seen this before, so they made a way for people to get out of a potentially nasty situation.

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    Too bad Apple's forum software doesn't let @Winston Churchill edit/delete his answers, which have been shown (in posts by 3 users below) to be incorrect.  Moderators?


    I sent feedback via the help system: ""Users should be informed - via this help system page and the message that Apple displays when I click "Remove from Account" - that removing a device from Find My iPhone cancels a pending erase!   Currently they are not informed in either place."

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    Want to confirm for others reading this post, apparently you can cancel a pending iOS device wipe if you follow procedures outlined in prior posts - leave the device unconnected to any network and delete it from your iCloud "find my iPhone" device list.


    After a tennis match at a public park near Redmond WA I had a senior moment (lost the doubles match too...dang), left my iPad Air on a bench and drove home.  One of our team's opponents noticed the iPad asked around but nobody knew who it belonged to so he took it to the only facility open in the park a sandwich kiosk run by a national chain franchisee.  Many phone calls later I rushed back only to find the kiosk closed.  "Find my iPhone" was not able to locate my iPad.  Left a note and returned the next day.  Unfortunately now manned by a different worker at the kiosk.  He phoned the previous day's employee who said she left it at the kiosk...., but today's employee searched and could not find it.  Funny thing when I went to a nearby sister store where yesterday's worker now was to talk to her, she mysteriously left the store before I arrived, no explanation offered.  Now I'm a bit worried, so I have my wife login with my AppleID and tell "Find my iPhone" to wipe my iPad clean.


    Time to kill, tried to imagine what Jeremy Bret would do, helped some, offered a reward but still no iPad found.  Thankfully on Monday a very nice Redmond city park employee told us she had a good relationship with the sandwich kiosk owner and would work hard to get my iPad which had been turned in afterall by a nice fellow, but then went missing ... again, back to me.  She was as good as her word and 3 days later, I was able to retrieve it from the park business office.


    My previous iPad backup was a month old, so if possible wanted to cancel the prior "find my iPhone" data erase request which was still listed online as "pending".  Followed the advice in this post thread to leave the iPad unconnected to any network, go into iCloud --> "find my iPhone" and delete the device.  Waited a few hours for iCloud servers to percolate, then with the iPad in Airplane mode, but connected to my Mac via lightning and iTunes I backed it up multiple ways.


    Happy to report that my iPad did not experience any erase event even when reconnected to our network and the internet.  The next day when logged into iCloud, it was once again listed as a device in "find my iPhone" and it's location next to my Mac confirmed as a blue dot on the display map.


    Learned many things, most importantly, put my contact info directly on the iPad case, which would have eliminated it's "walkabout" trip to the sandwich kiosk.  Second, they really do not pay national chain franchise workers enough, which is why I contributed to the $15 NOW campaign in Seattle, one person gave into temptation, others did not.  And finally, a hardworking city park employee has earned a large box of Frango chocolate mints delivered to her office with my thanks.

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    Edited... didn't read through the whole thread before asking if it worked - glad it worked out for you. I'll do the same.

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