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I've just purchased a Digital AV adapter for my iPad from a reputable eBay store that was advertised as 'genuine'. The price was only slightly less than that of other stores such as Amazon and Apple so I thought it must be genuine.


However upon receiving the cable, the packaging looks totally genuine but I'm not too happy with the overall quality of the adapter and just wondered if anyone can advise if any of these are on a truly genuine adapter from an Apple store:


1. The HDMI connector and dock pass through are quite dark coloured (whereas photos show they are quite light like the rest of the adapter)

2. Writing on the adapter such as 'HDMI' and the dock symbols are quite dark coloured (again fairly light coloured on other cables)

3. The 'Designed by Apple in California' writing on the back is not really straight and part of it is smudged

4. When plugging it in to the iPad, it's a fairly loose fitting and can be easly knocked out.


The actual adapter seems to work fine and the iPad is happy to use to connect to the TV, but having accidentally bought a few fake devices in the past, I don't want it to happen again.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    While I can't comment on the smudged label (could you post a shot of it?), the fact that it works shows it might be genuine. (None of the non-genuine or -licensed display adapters / cables work.)


    Furthermore, I haven't ever seen a non-genuine VGA / HDMI adapter, as opposed to composite cables / video adapters. (This, however, doesn't necessarily mean yours isn't genuine.)

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    Thanks for your reply


    I've attached a few pictures below:


    Its a little difficult to see on a photo, but the model number part of the printing 'A1388' is near unreadable it is that smudged



    The printing of the labels 'HDMI' etc is quite dark coloured whereas the colouring to similar labels on my other cables/adapters is quite light.




    And finally, the ports themselves have very dark inner parts whereas any photo of the adapter I've seen on the internet, clearly show the ports have white inner parts.