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I created a website with iWeb. Tried to upload to FTP - "problem to connect". I saved and closed iWeb. Now the SITE IS GONE! I find all previous sites with "sites2" this one is GONE! HELP!

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    Mine has vanished from iWeb '08 too!


    I changed host company a few weeks ago, and after a few hassles it was working fine except for a link to a mobile.me gallery which I knew would happen.


    I edited the site in iWeb to remove this link, and re published to a folder and then did the FTP transfer via Cyberduck.


    For the 1st time with the new hosts, my site was fine, but the edited page in iWeb had not changed from pink to blue in the index column. This was all done before mobile.me shut down.


    Now when I go in to iWeb my site has gone.


    I have a copy, but I'm not sure if I can use it in iWeb.

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    Have you looked under your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites which is where iWeb stores all domain files?  If so you need to look here under your User/Library and not your System Library.


    Use a spotlight search or if you can't find it this way, try downloading Find Any file and try this.  If you can't find it after this, then perhaps you need to start over - there is nothing else that you can do if you can't find the relevant domain.sites file.

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    Perfect!!! Thanks!!!  Why doesn't my Sherlock find it??

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    No joy for me finding the site on iWeb.


    The file copies I have are html, so does this meen a long session cutting and pasting back to iWeb in order to do edits to the site?

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    Did you not read my post earlier about finding your domain.sites file?  Don't open iWeb directly, but go to your User/Library/Application Support/domain.sites and make sure that it is your User/Library and NOT your System Library as you will not find iWeb there.  Everything that you have saved through iWeb will be stored in your domain.sites file, so you need to double click on this and iWeb will open it. 


    If you don't have your domain.sites file, then do a spotlight search for it or download the app find any file and that should find it.


    Also ensure that your Library file is visible if you are using Lion and not Snow Leopard - to find out how to do this, do a forum search and there are litterally hundreds of posts on this very topic.


    If you really can't find it and all you have is html files, then there is nothing else that you can do except re-build your site from scratch with cut and paste - iWeb has no import facility so cannot open html files, a previously published site, so this is really no backup at all.  To backup you need to backup and save your domain.sites file.

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    I did try your method.


    I have back ups on external hard drive so hopefully the files could be there.


    The transfer to the new host has not been smooth at all and I'm seeing pages missing and then re-appearing.


    This from an award winning company

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    As long as your backup includes your domain.sites files and not just html files, then you should be okay.  If you have html backups then this is no good as iWeb has no import facility.


    When uploading, you do need to ensure that you upload everything.  If one method of uploading is not working for you, then open iWeb and click on the publish to a local folder option and then use an ftp client such as Cyberduck or Yummy ftp to upload the files to your host/server.  I use this method and it does sometimes work better.

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    Found enough back up files to make a re-build possible without too much hassle.


    Can someone explain how some of my pictures have been replaced with others not belonging to me, but perhaps iWeb stock?


    My site has 4 albums and only one in iWeb has had this change.