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Good news, everybody. I did not find a solution of editing the start and end time of a (imported) quicktime movie.


I have some issues.


Two cameras. They were imported and encoded with the Canon EOS plugin, back in the day of FCP7. As a result, they have a creation date, that is not the recording date and time. Bad news, that is everything I have. Originals are gone. Like forever.


The start and end time of the files (in media browser of FCPX) are the actual hours and minutes of start recording button and end recording button.

But, fcpx treats them as a timecode. Not a problem, normally. But since the timecode is hours and minutes based on the 24 hour clock, things get messy here.

Timecode normally starts at zero, but zero is like 12am/25 hours. So verything gets messy here. Created date can't be relied either.


Now I have several options:


Lock the files in a dark place and forget about them.

Take a piece of paper and write down all file, dates etc. an add a news creation date and time based on my start time in fcpx.

Or find a tool and program that does all that.


Somehow the meta info of start and end "time" must be stored in the .mov file. It is shown in fcpx, but it is not editable.


MPEG Streamclip, QT Edit (Digital Rebellion), iTimize can't do it. Google is not very helpful either.



Now what...


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