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Recently my music collection went over the 25K song limit so was unable to upload more songs.

Ovedr ther last few weeks, I have been deleting songs that I did not need to have on the Cloud so my more recent imports could be uploaded to the Cloud.

Then iTunes reported an error and asked me to sign out of the iTunes store, and sign back in. I did so, and re-activated iTunes match afterwards. But now all the songs in my Library have an iCloud status of "Exceeded Limit." (rather than just the most recent imports, as before). And now, deleting songs does not offer the option to remove them from the iCloud.


I've signed out and back in to iTunes store and iTunes Match, tried asking iTines to "Update iTunes Match", but all songs remained with the "Exceeded Limit" status and I cannot find a way to  delete songs from the cloud. Please help!