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I am trying to copy an iPhoto library to an external hard disc for back up. There is plenty of space on the external disc. The External hard disc is correctly formatted and already contains another iPhoto library which runs normally on it.

First I quit iPhoto then go to the pictures folder in the finder and drag the library to the external HD I get an error message "Unable to copy iPhoto library because it is in use." Turing off photostream doesn't help.

Then I try launching iPhoto and using file/export menu with kind=current. This results in another message "unable to create...".

I also tried changing the name of the library, no help.


What am to do? The application itself seems to work normally other wise.


iPhoto '11  9.2.3

Mac OS X v.10.7.4

Mac mini (Mid 2007), Mac OS X (10.7.3), none