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Now that MobileMe has terminated, I embarked on setting up a Common Calendar for my server, desktop, laptop, and 4 iOS devices.  I setup a Calendar Server and DNS Server (on my server) and all my devices exchanged and synced calendars using my internal server address (192.68.0.xx).  So I know my Calendar Server is setup correctly.


I now moved external to my office network and used my Static IP Address, then my server domain name (server.domainname.com).  The iOS devices connected with my Calendar Server to exchange and sync events for both tests.  So I know my router ports and ISP domain name server records are setup correctly.


When I returned to my office, the iOS devices would not connect to my Calendar Server using server.domainname.com.


Here is the issue:  I now have three DNS Servers - internal DNS server + router DNS server (& DHCP server) + ISP DNS server.


Does DNS Lookup use the first DNS that responds from the list?  Is the order on the DNS server list implictly followed?  Does this mean my internal DNS server is setup incorrectly?

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    You can fix it in one of two ways.


    1. Manually set your IOS devices wifi at home connections to a static ip and set the DNS lookup as the static address for your Lion Server.  (router address is your router address and search domain is your domain.com)


    If you've set up Lion Dns correctly then you will have set the router's address and your ISP domain as the lookup for any addresses not served by Lion.  ditto any other macs in your home office.


    2. Use Profile manager to push a network setup to the IOS devices with the same info for the home wifi connections.


    Hope that helps.