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  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,099 points)

    Out of interest I tried accessing the iCloud website using Safari 4.1.3 on 10.4.11; I got a warning that it was an unsupported browser and was able to log into it and go to Mail. I was also able to send a message successfully, but be warned that it is very slow - opening the New Message pane took around a minute of spinning beachball, so don't panic and think it's crashed - just wait it out.


    If you can get into Mail and send a message then that would prove your account itself is OK.

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    First of all, thank you Richard for spending extra time on testing if sending mail in system 10.4.11 works after September 25, 2013. I really appreciate you did this because I was convinced that the pre - Intel computers had been abandoned by Apple . . .


    To summon up:


    My set-up is - and has been - 100% as advised by Apple. If I made screen dumps they would be the same as made by Roger


    I have no problems sending via, but it is to slow to be an option, but when travelling its OK


    I used Mac Mail to all test’ of sending mail, but it makes no difference, it returns the ususal message 5.7.8


    I use Hotmail, Gmail, and various other mail servers  - all with SSL and security functions – they all work with no problems.


    End of story

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    Happy ending ? ? ?


    Suddenly at this very moment it was possible to send mail! I have checked several times and it keeps on sending without problems.


    I have changed nothing at my set-up or done any changes to system or mail preferences.


    Hmmm. . .


    Best regards,



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