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I'm on vacation and my iPhone's home button is stuck in the depressed position. There's pretty high humidity here, higher than back at home. How do I get it unstuck so I can use my phone again?

iPhone 4
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    Your decription of the problem is not clear. Is the Home Button physically pushed down, ie partly under the front screen glass? Or is the Home Button in normal position but seems to be electronically firing off presses on its own?


    You seem to be hinting at Liquid Damage (humidity). Keep your iPhone safe and dry.

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    It is physically pushed down all the way past the the front screen glass. There's no way for me to avoid the humidity but tons of people here have iphones, I'm just not sure if that could be the problem. If it is then I could just pack it in a bag of rice or something to dehydrate it.

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    Be very careful, and push down on Home Button and slide (move) it back to center, so it can pop back into position level with the front screen glass.

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    I have the same problem but when I tried to push down on the home button and slide it to the centre, it did not work. Is there anything else I could do?