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I used bootcamp to make a partition of 200gb for windows, when i clicked install in bootcamp my mac restarted and started installing windows xp. When it is finished it again reboots. Than i cant choose between my windows or my mac partition and the whole installation which i already finished before starts over again...


After some research I saw people with the same problem, they just had to be patient when it says 'press any key to continue'. But when I do not even touch my keyboard it just go's on and installs windows again..


I as well tried to boot my OSX at the startup by holding the option key, this didn't seem to have any affect. I tried lots of different ways but it just does not work. I have the small wireless keyboard without the number pad on the side. I as well tried it with a USB windows keyboard...


So it would be awesome if someone could help me with or finnally correctly instal windows or that i just can start my normal Mac OSX system again.


Im sorry for my bad English, hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), Windows XP