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I have a new MacBook Air and want to transfer playlists from my PC ..... can tat be done?

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    Doublechecking ... do you want to move the content in your library to the new Mac, or move the playlist metadata to the new Mac?

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    I can move the content with my remote hard drive .... but couldn't see how to move the playlists so I didn't have to re-create them on my Mac.

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    Many thanks.


    I've done this successfully PC-to-PC, so I'll give you instructions for that. Fingers crossed, they'll be enough of a guide for a PC-to-Mac move too.


    First on the PC, find your "iTunes Music Library.xml" file. See the following document for instructions on where to find it (note that it's the .xml file you're looking for):


    iTunes: What are the iTunes library files?


    Transfer a copy of that file across to the Mac. (Via email or thumb drive, etc.)


    Launch iTunes on the Mac and import the iTunes Music Library.xml file from the PC. To do that on iTunes for Windows, you go "File > Library > Import Playlist" as per the following screenshot:


    Import playlist.png


    Browse to the location of the iTunes Music Library.xml file from the other PC, select it and then open it. (Fingers crossed, the import procedure should be pretty similar on the Mac.)

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    Worked great .... thanx

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    You're welcome. Glad you got things sorted out.