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Im just about ready to order my first Macbook Pro, and im trying to figure out which model is best suited for my needs and gives most value for money. I couldn't think of a better place to ask than Apple's own forum. So here goes:


Im the kind of person who has difficulty not purchasing the highest end (or most expensive), so i really dont know if 2.6ghz with 16gb RAM is going overkill..

Im reading that there can be a 1 hour 30 min. difference in battery life on the 2.3 versus 2.6ghz model? I would appreciate the 512gb SSD in the 2.6 but its quite expensive compared to the base model (not that the 2.3 isn't expensive enough).

I will be using this gorgeous machine for music editing and recording (where the noise reduction compared to a regular MBP comes in the picture). I'll also be watching movies/series and listening to music.


Should i purchase the 2.6 model or go for the 2.3ghz one with +1 hour battery life but limited storage? Also, will 16gb of RAM be overkill for my use?



MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    How about this suggestion.


    Go with the base 2.3GHz with 256GB Flash Drive but upgrade the RAM to 16GB.  I'm sure you already know that the Retina is not user upgradeable.


    Going 16GB of RAM is a good idea since programs and OS's tend to get memory hogs when they get upgraded or updated.


    Storage wise, you can always get an external drive which you can use to save your files to.  Which is also a good idea in case something goes wrong with your Flash Drive that you have to do a reinstall.