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I have a G5 powermac PPC and I  want to buy an Intel Mac desktop but I want to make sure my HDD's will work inside of the intel Mac. Can someoen let me know if this is a possibility? Thanks for any assistance!

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6), PPC
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    Yes, if the drive is a SATA drive. However, installing a hard drive in an iMac is not a trivial task and requires some specialized tools.

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    It would not be an iMac Just a Power Mac running an intel cpu. right now my PPC Pawer Mac is running but I can upgrade some of my important apps and flash player unless i have a intel! I just don't want to loose my operating system of apps if I get a new machine so I figured I could just save the drives and use them in an intel machine!

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    A PowerMac does not use an Intel CPU unless you've replaced the motherboard in which case it's become a hackintosh (which are not considered welcome on these forums.)


    None of your PPC-only applications will work on any Intel machine.

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    I don't know if I have ppc only apps, I just want to buy a intel PowerMac and take the harddrive from my ppc and put them into the intel machine. that is all. I don;t know anything about a hackintosh and this is my forum so what is welcome here is my call.

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    OK. There is no such animal as an Intel PowerMac. There are three desktop Intel Macs: 1. the Mac Pro; 2. Mac Mini; and, 3. the iMac. All other Intel Macs are notebooks.


    Note: these are Apple's forums, not yours. What is welcome here is set forth by Apple in the Terms of Use you were to read when you opened your ASC account.

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    OK, Everyone calm down and take a few deep breaths. ....  I believe I can help sort this out, and being an Idiot, I could be wrong.


    I think what Benzilla is asking is; < Can he use the the HDD('s) from his PPC G 5, with OS and APP's in an INTEL PRO MAC (desktop) with success ?, or, In other words, will it work just transplanted with OS & APP's going from a PPC to an INTEL MAC PRO ?  


    The Answer I believe is; NO !! ... the OS's are completely different for INTEL MAC's, and the APP's won't work either, even if you changed the OS, as they are also different PPC to INTEL, ( a few may work under the same name, but a different download for Intel, so Basically NO !)


    The last part of the question; will your HDD work in an INTEL machine ? .... from what I've read here (remember I'm an IDIOT) .....  if their the same type, I.E.; SATA (1, 2, 3 (?)) ... If wiped clean and reformatted, EVEN the FORMATS ARE DIFFERENT !!!  .....  Then you can load an INTEL OS on it, then add APP's you want, in INTEL format. 


    OP. SYS's go up to 10.5.8 for PPC's ONLY, ..... NEWER, OS 10.6.x and 10,7.x are INTEL ONLY.




    MONEY IS A REAL PROBLEM FOR ALL OF US. ...   So if your loaded with it, when you buy your INTEL MAC PRO, you can equip it with SSD (Solid State Drives) as they don't wear out and are faster than greased lightning and hold TERRA BYTES of stuff.


    All of this newer stuff is out of my league and over my head, I am still pounding 2 rocks together here. And often hitting my thumbs !!!


    Hope this helps with your question, and every one is now relaxed, oooomh, ooooomh, ooooomh ...... 

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    Pretty good Wayne!


    Actually 10.5.x is an exception to the OS rule, it is quite possible that 10.5.x is indeed a "Universal" install, both PPC & IntelMacs, (that can support booting 10.5.x at all) booting from the same drive if it was installed from a Retail Install Disc on a PPC Mac.


    And while newer IntelMacs running Lion/10.7 or greater can no longer run PPC Apps due to Rosetta being dropped, any Mac running 10.6.8 or less will run many PPC Apps.


    I'd suggest an older used Mac.