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    This is the way to do it.


    Start Itunes --> Click Redeem under Manage (at the bottom of the page) --> sign in --> Follow prompts --> When asked for CC select none --> Select title --> fill in phone number --> Done. Downloading free apps.



    That is how I just did it. worked great.

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    I fail to understand what is going on here...


    I am using an Apple ID which was created around 6 months back by myself and IT DID NOT ASK FOR ANY CREDIT CARD INFO. I am using the same ID on my iPhone and my new iPad and is working perfectly fine for free applications.. Maybe i was lucky? Or managed to somehow bypass the process by magic?


    Today I tried to create an Apple ID for my boss and could'nt go beyond the credit card info. WHY DOES APPLE NEED my credit card info (or anyone's credit card info for that matter) for FREE APPS??? and here's another interesting fact... I DONT HAVE A CREDIT CARD

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    I have been using iphone and apple product for a long time. Now my kids is using ipad and I try to make an iTunes account, but it keeps asking me to click review and as for credit card detail. It doesn't have "none" option like some reply here. So I just entered a credit card anyway. The account then create successfully. I check my bank account immediately and found iTunes is charging me $1. Why is that?

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    its simple just open your apps store on your i touch and select any one of free app and try to download it will ask you have id or you want to create new id just go by create new id and follow the steps and you'll get payment info

    there you have option none choose none to finish your id creation

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    I wear ipod touch 4g
    I want to make apple id but when I'm accept terms & condition supplies.The Payment Type Dosen't Showing "None" It Just Showing Pay Pal & VISA.Why Is This Happening

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    The gift card itself will suffice as payment to setup the account. But then, how are you posting if don't already have an apple I.d. ?

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    i can't update my credit card in your system its always showing payment method is not valied

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    Try this - go out and buy an iTunes gift card - for $5 or whatever's the smallest amount you can and use that card to set-up your account. That should work.

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    They did that just to test and make sure it is an active account.

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    Somebody a few posts back said make sure you use the "Redeem" hiding at the bottom of iTunes and yes, thank you he/she/it that was it exactly. I don't see how that makes a difference but I tried from just the "Sign in" button to the downloading the free book/app to make an account, none of those options gave the "None" for CC info.





    Credit goes to the person that mentioned that a few posts back. And why can't we change existing Apple IDs to this option. Not everybody feels safe with all their Apple products having their info. Phone I can agree cuz it's always on my body, but the other stuff? No thanks.

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    Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.35.59 PM.png


    I surmise the "none" option does not appear for everyone. I have no explanation for that, since it has always been available for my account and everyone else I know.


    Mike Ng wrote:


    ... Not everybody feels safe with all their Apple products having their info. Phone I can agree cuz it's always on my body, but the other stuff? No thanks.


    Each time you give your credit card to anyone... restaurant, department store, supermarket, hotel, gas station attendant, etc. they "have" the exact same information, including your CC number, CVV code and expiration date.


    It's just weird that anyone should "feel" less "safe" by giving credit card information to Apple, than a gas station attendant.


    If Apple were to lose control of your credit card information it would be front page news all over the world. If a gas station attendant sells your CC to someone for $20, you'll be lucky to find out yourself a month from now.

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    Like I stated in my post, I tried quite a few ways in creating an Apple ID a few different times, none of them resulted in the "None" option until I used the little "Redeem" link at the bottom of iTunes under "Account."


    And no, the problem with your argument is that you're not "giving" your CC info at a restaurant or at a gas station, you're sliding your card through the machine and it sends it to a computer somewhere for processing... I don't remember the last time I handed my CC to ANYBODY much less a gas station attendant. Even if you do, unless they're like Rain Man, they're not gonna remember your info. Lastly, there are cameras in gas stations and restaurants... the boss is watching... some of the time. But I digress, here's the problem: You're not understanding why people don't want to leave their info on their devices, devices get lost or stolen and your account is signed in to the device... in case that wasn't obvious. Do I seriously want to sign out of my device everytime after I've made a download/purchase and sign back in for the next transaction to make sure that if my device is ever "lost" I wouldn't have to worry about somebody making random charges on my account? Nope. And yes it's "fixable" but it's wasting my time and energy to go through the whole process of making claims and such to rectify my account while it could have all been prevented had I NOT been asked to enter my CC info. It's an extra unnecessary step that Apple and now seemingly everybody else has followed suit to entice people to use their app stores.

  • lllaass Level 10 (171,845 points)

    The insructions work on a computerm as well as on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad

    Create a NEW account using these instructions. Make sure you follow the instructions. Many do not and if you do not you will not get the None option. You must use an email address that you have not used with Apple before.

    Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card


    appleuser_123 wrote:


    On computer itunes demands a credit card. On ipod/iphone/ipad u use app store not itunes store thats why u can create a free account.

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