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    I read your post, and I'm having the same issue as well! I do not intend to use my Apple ID for purchases. I only want it for downloading a couple free apps. Besides, I dont even have a credit card. There should be another option. I understand Apple needs the info to charge accounts so no one skips payment on an app that costs. But maybe free apps shouldn't request billing and credit card info if the app is free. I have no idea if I'll ever be able to use this Apple ID because of that.

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    Hi wamiqmirza,


    I tried everything you mention - free app, download, apple ID, new account - but when i click "none" for payment and fill in name, address and click next, it says I need to contact Itunes support to complete the transaction. for canada account,


    Do u mind to help me to create a canada account, really thanks for your help.


    my email is password is QWE!@#123.


    Can u pleas help me to using that email to create an apple account. Thank you so much:)

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    I've had this question before when I got my iPhone 4. You can create an Apple ID without a credit card. I have experience with it. My iPhone 4 was my first iDevice.

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    apple is seriosuly the most ret@rded company on the face of this planet - I want to a download a FREE app,

    1. it's asking for my credit card to purchase a FREE APP - scam alert #1

    2. my bank refunds fraudulent transactions, so I submit my card details anyway

    3. won't accept my credit card, says 'not available in your state'

    4. I live in Australia, use Australian credit card (with available funds), address on my credit card (statement) is PRECISELY the same ss in my apple ID account.


    What a stupid, stupid company. One thing's for sure. when my !phone contract is up, I'm moving to civilization (andro!d)


    Love my Mac Book Air and Mac Mini, but my iPhone's a useless brick because it's impossible to download apps on it. What a joke.

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    I encountered a situation very similar to the one you are encountering.  I had to set up accounts for 2 individuals at a school where I am an administrator.  Each of these were unique in problem, but was resolved with the same process.  The individuals were on brand new iPad 3s on the newest iOS.  I didn't want to create new accounts using emails other than their official school emails, which created the issue from the beginning.


    Scenario 1: Individual had set up apple id on apple's website after iPad was configured on initial startup without a profile.  Every time we tried loggin in with the apple id to make sure it was the one in use on the iPad, it would not give the option for "none" on the payment option.  We tried going into the app store both through the app and in the settings menu, and we also tried going through the itunes app with the same results.  Just wouldn't work.  Why should the user be punished for creating their account after setup as oppsed to before? was my question to apple.


    Scenario 2:  Individual had not created an apple account when the iPad was set up, but needed to create one to use in the app store.  When going through the standard method to create a new account through the app store, itunes, etc, the option "none" is still not available.  This one baffled myself as well as the apple technician the most.  Apple normally has their stuff in order, but the programmers need to work on these two scenarios.


    Resolution: After working as a technician for a University with a few years of experience, I couldn't wrap my mind around a solution until myself and a coworker happened to think about trying to login throuh "iCloud" tab in the "settings" menu on the iPad.  We first tried logging in with the individual from scenario 1 to see if it would work with an existing apple id created on apple's website.  To our surprise it worked, allowing us to select "none" as a payment option after logging into the appstore with the same id for the first time! We then were hopeful that it may solve the second scenario.  We went to create new id under the iCloud login on the second individual's iPad, and created it successfully and was able to choose "none" as the payment option.  Apple themselves did not even know how to do this other than suggesting to create new accounts, but I did not see adding a gift card or credit card (personal information) or using a new email (why should I have to?) to solve the problem.


    Bottom Line:  Hopefully, this helps those that are encountering the same issue, not wanting to create new accounts/give away private information.  Please apple, fix this problem in future updates.

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    Don't use a credit card on your iTunes..... instead get an iTunes card.... they will let you use that instead of a credit or debit card. I won't trust iTunes of Apple with credit card info. I learned that the hard way after my computer got hacked.

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    Same here, :'(

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    hey can you make me free apple id? pleaseeee

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    thank you so much that worked, though gotta say what a pain in the *** .


    Just log into icloud on your iphone, click Account - Payment information, and change Credit Card to NONE


    than go to app store




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    This was really helpful to me. I spent hours trying to get my account set up and I finally had it set after reading your reply.

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    does anyone know what to do if it doesnt like your credit card info? it says that my card is invalid and that it isnt on file with my bank records which is absolute bs

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    The only thing I could do in the end was set my region to USA. That way I got the "None" option on the credit card info page.


    Seriously Apple, what were you thinking? I'm using this thing at school to program in XCode, and I can't even download the app because of you lot asking for credit card info...


    Just so you know, I'm never EVER purchasing anything from Apple.

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    A) try ios 6...ive heard that u can download free stuff without signing in 2 ur apple id

    B) on ios 5, go to Settings>iCloud> and then create an apple id...maybe it will work

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    Thanks much. Totally worked!

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    I created a apple ID but they didnt even ask me for my credit card no.So how am I going to buy games?what am I supposed to do?:)

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