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I was having so much trouble after restoring a failed drive to a new drive during my attempt to download Lion for the transition to iCloud that I finally just went to me.com and told it to transfer me with "not all devicies ready" and did that. NOW finally the restored drive IS in fact recognizing my Apple ID and is downloading Lion as I speak finally (from a prior purchase this weekend).


When it COMPLETES the download and i install it, will I FINALLY be able to get my iCloud to work with my MAIL program or is it going to wipe out any accounts in my email? And what about all my calendar and contacts stuff? I don't want to lose anything.....It was working fine before I had to tell it "move to icloud with not all devices ready" -- i was terrified of losing my email accounts.


What do i do when the Lion upgrade from my snow leopard finally finishes downloading in 30 minutes? Install .... and then during the install is there some sort of option to get my Mail / calendar / contacts on my Macbook connected with the Cloud instead of have all that stuff only available wherever it is now?

MacBook, macbook 13 inch from 2008
Solved by Roger Wilmut1 on Jul 3, 2012 11:58 PM Solved
If you have migrated, your email is living on the iCloud server and will not be affected by signing in and out etc on your Mac. You should be able to see it on the Mail page at http://icloud.com Remove the MobileMe account from Mail and sign out in System Preferences>MobileMe. This will not delete any emails. Install Lion. When installed, go to System Preferences>iCloud and sign in with your @me.com address. Check Mail and any of the other data types you want to sync in the checklist.