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I have recently bought a new iphone 4s- 16gb. Updated it to 5.1.1 version.

The iphone has major battery issues. I charged one night and morning it was drained. It was only on wifi.

Also, while on wifi - the battery  drain is too much. The standby time and the usage time are generally same.

- Location was off

-Bluetooth off

- wifi on

- Emails on


The drain is very fast.



Next - the apps like facebook, contacts, watsapp etc carshes quite frequently.

I installed an app called 'Battery Doctor', in the stats i found that the CPU usage is very high even wiht only 1 app running.

similar is the case for RAM usage.


Would require help from someone to help me.


I have even tried Restore but the conditions still exist.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    If it's new; did you restore from a backup of your old device, with pictures and videos and have now enabled iCloud with backup? If so; you iPhone may have been backing up over the wifi.

    The CPU and RAM usage seems strange though.

    I would consider backing up the device and restoring it to factory and testing it from a blank setup just in case.

    Since 5.1.1 I've noticed no change in battery use pattern 

    Also worth defining what very fast is. As my battery drains I normally have 8hrs usage and 28 to 40 hours standby on the stats.

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    I am having the issue...only I suppose a bit more serious, since I simply cannot use any apps nomore...they crash literally seconds after opened. There is not enough time even to reply a message on Whatsapp.


    I have thousands (not exaggerating) of Low Memory diagnostic messages, each related to a crash.


    I have seen the meesages related to dataaccessd...and it does make sence, since the memory just drains completly.


    The battery lasts no more than 5 hours on wifi, with absolutely no apps opened.


    I have downloaded an app for checking the memory..and is amazing how it goes from 0 in a matter of seconds with nothing opened at all.



    Please see my post. And please....someone help me out.

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    Also having the same issue. Have had the phone since May & it's been working fine up till Friday now I'm having to charge it every six hours. Not a happy bunny!


    Have read other reviews saying turn this & that off but what's the point in having the technology & not being able to use it???


    This needs fixing!

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    I also have the same issue.


    The thing is... I've had my iphone4 exchanged 4 or 5 times. The new phone will work like a charm for a few weeks/months, then the same thing will happen: apps start randomly crashing, then it gets to a point where, like Kapta7, I can't even type a message or listen to a full song before the app crashes.


    And my battery starts draining extremely fast, even on standby with not app running (extremely fast = losing 10-20% per hour, going through 3 full charges in a day)


    I've tried everything. Restored as new, deleted all my backups before plugging in a new phone. I even changed my PC at some point and had to have my phone exchanged more or less at the same time so the new phone was never in contact with the old files on my old PC.


    Still, the same issue comes back with every new device...

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    Saying that I have solved the issue is not quite is what I ended up doing and how I have in a way attenuated the problem...


    I decided to reset the phone, start it from new....really. I mean, not installing absolutelly anything at all and going step by step like it was the first time. By not installing anything I include the 5.1.1 release. Very important part of the process of getting my phone to work again.


    Every app I wanted to keep, I simply downloaded it again (I actually erased purposely the back ups to make sure it wasnt an issue with a corrupt file). The same goes for adding music and libraries.


    As for emails, which were, I beleive, the dataacessd issue that kept on reporting to apple on low memory...I simply decided to keep only the main accounts I have...and NOT SYNC IT WITH ICLOUD!!! I took special attention to blocking SPAM from being sent to the phone...since I was worried if maybe this could be a malware...(I have to say I am still in doubt if it isn't...)


    I downloaded an app called Memory Free, which shows perfectly that my memory is still running at the the most it reaches 20 Mbs...instead of the 400 or 500 it is supposed to be, but the crashes are much less frequent now. I would say it only happens if I am multitasking against 3 or 4 apps at the same time.


    I can listen to music again...and I can be multitasking again...I can write messages without the app closing on me...then again, I insist...APPS STILL CRASH, only not as often as before.


    Apple absolutely doesn't reply...and certainly aren't even looking into getting this fix...the Genius at the store or over the phone...or whatever, arent aware of the issue at all (or they pretend not to be)....and insist this is a HW issue, which more and more it seems to me like a "HW design flaw" then an actual HW issue.


    I have to say I am certainly falling out of love with Apple all together (iMac, Ipad, iCapsule...), since literally they are all falling apart with issues.

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    My iPhone 4s lasts for 1 day with minimum usage and the occasional game or Facebook login, I have to charge it every night!!

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    I have read literally hundreds of posts for this, with no consensus, and no clear fix. Disable that, remove this, stay away from the Cloud, don't use any notifications, no WiFi, make the phone as anti-smart as possible, hope for the best. The only real fix I know will work is that I should leave my phone permanately plugged in. I think my grandmother had one of those "smart phones"


    This is the second time that my 4s has had a battery drain issue. The first time it was resolved with a complete reboot by one of the Apple "Geniuses". I prefer not to go through that again. This is an Apple branded site, and they surely protect thier brand (ask Samsung) so they must be aware of this issue; but can't figure it out.


    It must be some sort of MicroSofted malware.


    While my Blackberry Pearl had issues, it never had this problem.

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    In the end what really worked for me was...


    Start the phone from new.


    Dont load any old back ups. Literally add all songs, libraries, apps, etc from start.


    Email accounts...disable all of the ones that are now important (and which are usually filled with SPAM).


    Dont enable Messenger from Facebook. That by itself consumes a lot of battery.


    That should solve it...if the problem is the same I had...


    Good luck.

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    hey we the same issue with 4s but luckily i did some troubleshooting with 4s and luckily it works great now.all i did first resettings:location warnings,network settings,and erase content settings.Make sure you iphone is connected to itunes before performing erase content settings.Note: all data will be erase you can backup to icloud or if its paid apps just erase everything and download i again thru your itunes account.


    Next is to reboot you iphone4s.refer this link how to reboot on


    Next restore you iphone in itunes just click restore...Note that it takes some time to restore the phone just be patient.


    Next is to follow all the optimizing settings like the 3g off, brightness low it down turn off auto brightness, ,location services off:diagnostic &usage:location based iads off:email fetch new data fetch off:select every hour,bluetooth off:timezone off:vibrate off:



    after performing all of these try to drain the battery to the extend it will off automatically after recharge the phone to 100%.


    is still not working make sure you did the right steps for master reset:location warnings,network settings,erase all content,rebooting,restore it from itunes: Make sure iphone is connecting to itunes before doing master reset.


    Im sure after following of these steps you will be goosebump your phone will work amazing even without jeopardizing all the settings.



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    I have same problem, apple supports are bad.

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    i think i might be having the same probelm because i looked at the cpu and it goes up and down with no apps running in the background

    heres an example of the cpu

    User: it goes from 4.0% to 35.1% and then to 65.7% and then back down to 7.0% or to 2.0%

    Idle: it would be at 95.5% then to 60.0% then back to 96.5%

    does anyone know what Idle is???

    and could this be why my battery drains so quickly???

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    All my apps (including messaging, email etc) were crashing, battery life was down to about 4 hours and during calls I would lose the earpiece for 5-10 second periods.


    I had this issue suddenly effect my iphone 4s after about 5 months trouble free use. I intially replaced the phone with Apple Care who were more than helpful, this didn't however resolve the issue, as it ALL returned on my new phone.


    I tried restoring the phone via my itunes backup but this didn't resolve any of the problems.


    I have now fixed the issue though by restoring the phone 'as new' via itunes. I have had to sacrifice my photos, music, message history etc (on the phone) but I did back them up before the restore so I still have them to add at a later date.


    I was a little worried that I'd lose all my contacts, but ALL my contacts have been restored via my email address book and Facebook contacts upon setting up the phone via the 'as new' process.


    Hope this helps

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    Hello, my wife has my old iPhone 4S that I gave her once I upgraded to the 5.  She has been having problems with the battery which is very frustrating. The phone will die as it usually died when I used it but now there is a weird glitch or bug that will happen when the phone battery is in the red.  It usually starts when its under 10% where he phone will all of a sudden turn completely off without it ever being even close to 1%.  She will then try turning it back on and at times, it will in fact turn on and now the battery shows close to 20%.  What is up with that?! Anyone having these problems?  Its so weird because I never had those problems when I used it.


    NOTE: she has not updated to iOS 6 since she doesn't like the new Maps app. Could updating help?


    Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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