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  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    MLadd wrote:


    This is probably one of the dumbest threads on this forum, but yet it never stops.



    1. There is no FM radio built in to the iPhone.
    2. There will NEVER be an FM reciever built into the iPhone.

    Not that I'm recommending an FM application for the iPhone but, to be accurate, the Broadcomm chips used in all the iPhones since the 3GS (the most recent is the Broadcomm BCM4334 in the iPhone 5) all have FM receiver capability. They are WiFi/BT/FM capable chips. On the iPhone and most other devices only the WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities are used. As has been stated previously in this thread one problem with FM reception is the need for an antenna. This need combined with the lack of much interest in the user community for FM reception has put this on the shelf where it will likely remain.

  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 Level 5

    MLadd wrote:

    Obviously because it's such a popular feature, and in such high demand, the hardware manufacturers are lining up to remove it from their phones.

    Maybe they'll change out FM for shortwave, cuz you know, that's the future

  • CoolHand_Luke Level 1 Level 1

    I ended up here after Googling "cell phone FM radio". I am cell phone agnostic and have an iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy II, and others and recently aquired a Blackberry 9320.

    I did not buy this phone for the FM radio, in fact I did not know the 9320 had FM capability but now that I am using it I quite enjoy it. The reception is very good and I am impressed at how well it works. I have no idea of their implementation as this is why I am googling it to find out. I have disabled both the 3G and WIFI radio and the FM radio still operates normally.


    As others stated, FM is not a popular option for many people but it can be implemented and work well on a Smartphone.

  • Jeff_B_ Level 1 Level 1

    I understand your point but then why would Apple add an FM tuner to the Nano 5th, 6th & 7th generation if there is a lack of interest for such a feature?


    The way that I see it, it would definately be a great addition when you're running out of mp3 to listen and are roaming... or when you're at the gym and want to listen to the gym broadcasting... or when you simply don't have a data plan... when you would like to rewind a radio show annnouncement for re-listening...


    I remember a couple of years ago when Apple fans were saying we don't need MMS (when Apple were saying that MMS is not needed), that it is old stuff.... And now look who's enjoying that old stuff...

    I remember when hard core fans were saying we don't care about copy&paste as the iPhone is a phone and not a computer running Word........ Look who's enjoying the copy & paste feature now...

    I don't see many complaining about the fact that the Nano has a radio and that they would rather have it removed.


    I bet you the day Apple comes out saying "It's fantastic! We have this new feature, it's like magic. It's called iTuner! It allows you to listen to radio broadcast and rewind just like a PVR! It works like magic." fans will applaud the company's innovation...

  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 Level 6

    Not going to happen.

    Nanos have it for use at the gym.

    Some doofus has been asking for fm radio since original iphone,  still hasn't happened and never will.

    Terrestrial radio in the USA is all but dead.

  • Jeff_B_ Level 1 Level 1

    And yet techcrunch had the following to say (and that's fot the United States... The rest of the world is still heavy on FM listening):


    "A recent online survey by VisionCritical of 1,185 American adults shows that 66% have an active interest in the pause-and-rewind feature of the built-in FM radio. Plus, it’s the third most popular feature of the iPod nano only after the new, larger screen and the video camera."

  • MLadd Level 3 Level 3

    Jeff_B_ wrote:


    I bet you the day Apple comes out saying "It's fantastic! We have this new feature, <snip> fans will applaud the company's innovation...


    Really? Why would your sarcastic comments be directed only at Apple? Do you think they will say the same thing to Samsung if they add an FM Tuner to their next Galaxy S-whatever?  Your "joke" (I guess) makes no sense.

  • MLadd Level 3 Level 3

    Jeff_B_ wrote:


    And yet techcrunch had the following to say

    Ummm, when did they say it? You should do a little more research before citing sources. An almost 4 year old article is a little old to be using results of surveys of habits of mobile computing just to prove your point.


    And the original survey doesn't even exist any more. It's too old to be relevant.

  • Jeff_B_ Level 1 Level 1

    You know I simply speak of what I know. And I know what happened in regard of copy&paste, mms... And based on that I have formed a conclusion and an opinion that a lot of Apple fans somehow lost their sense of criticism (if that's how it is said... I speak French so sorry for the bad grammar here). I don't mean to disrespect but many are like sheeps and will accept whatever Apple that gets thrown down their throat (pun intended ;-) ) . Now to be fair I don't know about Samsung owners. But if they act the same way then I guess we are leaving in some sad times.


    As for the techcrunch reference, yes it is almost 4 years old (September 2009) but then the fact that we are still debating about FM reception on mobile device is surely an indication that this topic is still somewhat of actuality.


    Just my 2 cents.

  • MLadd Level 3 Level 3

    If someone wants to call me a sheep because I understand their business practices (and do the same in my business) and don't complain about it, then so be it. But the "Let's add every single possible feature because C-Net said they were going to be the next big thing or because it's been around for 30 years. We'll fix the ones that don't work later" is just poor implementation of any product.


    But, as for the FM tuner, there is no FM radio in the US LTE version of The Galaxy III (turned on by default, without hacking), and doubtful it will return in future models. Very few manufactures will be keeping them in the next year or two....In the US.

  • Jeff_B_ Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry if I offended you I honestly didn't mean to be. I'm simply debating here. So no wrong feeling here. So again please accept my appologies.


    Now back to the subject. What I meant by sheep is an individual who will blindly accept anything that he's been given. That being said if one day an individual understands Apple business practice for example MMS then the next day rejoice and becomes a heavy MMS user himself when Apple finally approves MMS then in all fairness it's hard to take such individual's opinion seriously. If that doesn't make an individual a sheep then that person is I guess a "weather vane".


    I never mentioned C Net but still I would definately consider such media publication over one individual saying on the net. Note that many major news outlets (Reuters, Bloomberg to name only a few) refered to this subject which I believe gives even more credential to this ordeal.


    Also here's the report which still exists and can be provided upon request:

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    That one is 4 years old and skewed quite a bit.


    There is no debate here. Send your feedback to Apple. Nothing more can be done.


    As has been pointed out more manufacturers are removing FM rather than adding it.

  • sokol171 Level 1 Level 1

    Why be a shame calling someone sheep? I call all brain washed apple fans with a big capital letters, 'SHEEP' We are living so called democracy! Aren't we?

    The sad part and the facts is that must of the apple funs are so breained washed here that they will eat anything whatever apple give them or tell them to do?


    If apple saids JUMP?... and they say how high?


    One of the most useless feature in the idevices is BLUETOOTH. For as long as I can remember I never managed to connect with the **** thing? Tell me if you did becuase Im very corius to know?


    Now don't get me wrong i do like some of the apple products but they are still far way from my needs!!!! ...and one of them is fm radio.


    Do you know the sad part why apple doesn't add fm radio in idevices?


    Facts: They want you to have a big  havy bill data each months from big fat cats. (All this revenue is shared of course)  Wake up people? Apple don't care about us?  All they care is the big rich fat companys.


    Unless apple change the attitute towards regular normal working people like me that can't afford a havy data bill each month I'm out of here.

    Until then is...a GOODBYE apple!

  • MLadd Level 3 Level 3


  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    sokol171 wrote:


    We are living so called democracy! Aren't we?



    If your post is an example of the results of our educational system, I fear for the future of our democracy.

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