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    Slightly overboard but I do see your point... That was some funny reading! lol!

  • MLadd Level 3 (660 points)

    And for the Federal Republic, which is what we have here in the US. Not sure what country Sokol171 lives in.


    That being said, I'm not sure what "Democracy" puts the wants of the few above the needs of the many.

  • MLadd Level 3 (660 points)

    Believe me, Jeff, I'm hardly offended. And I fully understand that a few people may have a need for this feature. And I have no problem debating it either. The issue we have, which a couple people can't seem to understand, is that this feature will never be available in any previous or current iPhone. Period. The chances of it every being added to a future iPhone is almost non-existant.


    If this is a requirement for an individual, then looking for a device that fits their needs should have been done BEFORE their purchase. Coming here to complain and rant about a missing feature that was never stated or implied that it would be included ( and which is also being removed by other device manufacturers ) serves no purpose. They can go to their local convenience store and pick up a $10 radio. It'll have better signal quality, won't drain the battery of the phone, and is a lot smaller and lighter than the phone. And it may even have AM radio also. It's a very simple solution to what is a percieved problem.


    And you mentioned earlier: "It's disapointing to see Samsung latest model getting the radio while the iPhone doesn't."

    This is incorrect. The latest Samsung model does not have it. At least for the US model. It is there for the Asian and European markets. But the Galaxy S III LTE and Note does not have a radio available to use, without hacking the phone.


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    I think that having an am/fm transmitter in a device that countless millioins of people have, that is not dependant on cellular data is a great idea. The cell phone is the outlet to the world and all it's information but it relies on data. During an emergency cellular service may be over whelmed or off line. You may or may not have your $10 radio but you  will have your Android or Apple....maybe?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 (48,930 points)

    The $10  radio (or better yet, a $30 with a hand crank) will serve you far better in an emergency if what you need in a radio. One would have much better battery life than a cell phone and take user replaceable batteries. The other wouldn't have batteries at all (and might even charge your cell phone). Both would have better reception.

  • 1eonardo Level 1 (0 points)

    If you are out and about, what are the odds that you will have your hand cranked radio with you. As far as reception, the wire for the ear buds will act as the antenna. I apologize for starting a sentence wilth a prepositional phrase but we're talking survival. I guess the the wise thing would be to have a hand cranked radio in your home, car and having one in the cell phone. This would't be a feature you would use often but if your out of your home and your car and something catestrophic happens where would you to turn for information. Where to find food, shelter and evacuation routes.

  • MLadd Level 3 (660 points)

    For survival, you would want a WX Radio (which also plays FM *AND* AM radio). I would hardly put my life and especially my family's lives in the hands of any cell phone. Being out and about in an emergency situation would be a little irresponsible also.


    These exaggerated reasons aside, it does not change the fact that most manufacturers are REMOVING FM radio from their devices. Again, if it's that critical to you 1) buy a smaller, cheaper, longer lasting, $10 device that will suit your needs. 2) you should do more due diligence before you spend money on a device that doesn't suit your needs, or was ever implied that it would. 

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    Will you always have this device with you?

  • 1eonardo Level 1 (0 points)

    The am/fm function in a cell phone would not depend on data to work as well.

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    You want to argue that YOU are right and everyone else is wrong, so have at it. I have absolutely no need for a radio on my phone. So your requirement of having a radio tuner (and yes, I am fully aware of how broadcast signals are transmitted, thank you) on your phone is an issue only for you and the handful of others who complain about it. Even though third party adapters have been made to do exactly what you are asking for, that's not good enough. Or, perhaps you didn't bother to look into what your options, if any, were. For example, what phones currently do ship with radio tuners built in that you would switch to? I think this last should be the question you ask yourself.


    I'm sorry you did not have the common sense to do any research before buying your first iPhone. Hopefully you have learned a lesson.


    Have a day.

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    Sorry, just voicing my opinion. Take it esay MLadd. I'll take a day kind sir.

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    Meg, I have owned both featurephones, and Android phones with true FM radios and using internet radio apps.  A true FM radio uses neglegable power compared to a driven FM radio. I can run for hours on a true fm radio on a phone with no interruptions.  There is no transmitter being used in a true FM radio just a low power reciever.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,120 points)

    What is a "driven" FM radio as opposed to "true". I've never heard these term.


    An FM receiver chip will draw as much power as any other band with the usual caveats of signal strength, etc. "Android" doesn't make phones, I have known people with smartphones that have enabled FM receivers but those are less and less common.

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    Where I'm from we still use 2G (Edge) data and it is expensive. FM radio signal strength on other devices are good so I'm guessing it won't be no different on the iphone if that feature is enabled. Radio (FM) is still the number one source for local information and It would make my iphone much more useful with that added feature.


    Enable this feature for us in the Developing World Apple.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,410 points)

    Apple doesn't read posts in this forum and they've yet to produce any product aimed at the developing world. Neither does Samsung....

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