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I've seen thousands of posts about Bluetooth connection issues and interference and stutter/lag for both the Magic Mouse and Trackpad (affecting both Mac OS X and Windows under Boot Camp) but my problem is different.


To summarise my setup, I use:

- Retina MacBook Pro (lid closed or open, doesn't make a difference to this problem)

- Thunderbolt Display

- Wireless Keyboard

- Magic Trackpad (have also tried a Magic Mouse and experience similar issues to the Trackpad)


And in Mac OS X, everything works perfectly. The keyboard and trackpad work smoothly when I'm 6-7 metres from the machine, whether or not the laptop lid is open or closed, and whether or not the Thunderbold Display is connected.


But on to my problem: the bluetooth connection is incredibly unreliable/intermittent when in Windows (I run Windows 7 64-bit and Boot Camp 4.0, and got both devices connected without any trouble via Bluetooth).


But during usage, the cursor stutters/lags frequently, and tap to click (when enabled) seems to get triggered by mistake all the time (even when I'm not touching the Trackpad or even at the computer, clicks get registered).


The Wireless Keyboard is perfect, and works well 5 metres from the machine. The Mouse and Trackpad, though, don't even work reliably when they are 6 inches from the machine. The built-in trackpad on the laptop works perfectly too, in Windows and Mac.


I spent a week assuming I was suffering from Bluetooth interference, so I tried:

- using the laptop with the lid open

- removing the Thunderbolt display completely and trying the Magic Trackpad

- repositioning items on my desk

- disabling wifi


All of these adjustments made minor differences to how good/bad the Trackpad was, but none came close to fixing the problem or making it work as smoothly as under Mac OS X. It was only after doing all of this that I realised perhaps it was just a Apple driver for Windows issue, so I booted into Mac OS X and tested everything out, and sure enough, it's all perfect. But back into Windows, the Trackpad doesn't work reliably at all.


Obviously, the hardware is not at fault, and I assume the signal strength doesn't vary between operating system (why would it?) so I'm left believing this must be a driver issue. The TrackPad and Magic Mouse drivers have been out for a couple of years, so I'm surprised they can still be this bad. I tried both the latest driver from Boot Camp 4.0 ( for the Trackpad, and also the older one from Boot Camp 3.2 ( and both are equally bad for me.


So my question is: has anybody else struggled with using the Trackpad (or Magic Mouse) with Boot Camp 4.0 and Windows 7 64-bit, whilst finding it to be perfect under Mac OS? I haven't found many posts complaining about the Windows driver, which is why I assumed it was an interference issue. But I'm almost sure it isn't, having spent 2 weeks investigating.


Any thoughts/suggestions/answers much appreciated!



MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4), Windows 7 64-bit with Boot Camp 4.0
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