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Help- I am getting conflicting viewpoints from Apple regarding being unable to send and receive mail on my new Ipad 2.  I can receive mail eveyrwhere else I take my Ipad.


I recently was given an Ipad 2.  I sent it up and had no problem receiving and sending mail. When I returned home I could no longer receive nor send mail to my Ipad.  I took it to an Apple store and was told that I needed to have Comcast reset my connection with a WPA password. I asked if I needed a new modem and was told no. I know that my router, which is a Motorola Gateway SBG900 wireless, is set with a WPA password.  The router is approx. 5yrs old.


I called Comcast and they couldn't help me with my Ipad problem.  I called APL-Care and was told that I needed a new modem. I haven't had any problem with my router connecting to my computer. I don't want to purchase a new router if it isn't needed.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1