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Bonjour still produces repeated Type 100 errors (seen in event viewer) on many people's PCs.  I see them as batches of a dozen or more.


99% of PC users have no need for this intrusive service, but iTunes won't even run if it is disabled. That needs sorting out better..


As with many issues like this, the web is full of reports if you Google it, but there is no clear answer on the Apple support site. The only mention I can find simply tells you how to disable it temporarily, but warns that Apple applications won't work after disabling it.


I also have no need of all the other extraneous services that get installed without my knowledge, such as AppleMobileDeviceService.exe, iPodService.exe, and iTunesHelper.exe. these should be optional... the user should be asked whether or not they have an iPod etc. before they get installed.

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