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Printing has been a disaster since either OS10.6. or manufacturers started to cater for multi ink printers, about the same time 18 months ago.


Canon best quality glossy photopaper pro was always bad, biassed to yellow green. HP Premium Plus was good in its old fomulation, as was Ilford Classic Pearl.


Now ALL papers have the bias to yellow green (though not sufficently consistent to correct in print dialogue). Even the new Ilford Gallerie smooth pearl using their profile <n_IGSPP11_CANiX4000_PPPGn.icc>


I am now trying the new HP paper Premium Plus Photo Glossy 300gsm with better results as far as print density goes, but still a green-yellow bias.


I thought I might be able to download an HP profile eg <HP_CP_series_High_Gloss_photo_best.icc>, but I can't find any way to install it; doesn't behave like the Ilford ones in the Colorsynch profile folder.


Anyone have any ideas on EITHER installing an HP profile (and which one would suit 3-colour+black printer to use with canon printer) OR correcting the colour bias consistently please?


PS I live too far in the sticks to turn to shops & do (or rather did & hope to re-start) too much printing for camera club comps, greetings cards and local sales

Macbook pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 4GB RAM 2.4GHz