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I recently purchased a 64GB, Wi-Fi only 3rd Gen iPad. Out of the box all the native apps were there on the home screen. I got all my e-mails set up and then decided to do an update before I start using the device. After the update, I noticed that Safari was gone. I have since dowloaded and have been using Google Chrome, but am unable to save Chrome as my default browser. As a result, I am unable to open some websites and links that require Safari to open. I went to Apple's website but couldn't find any help. So, how do I get Safari back?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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    Settings>General>Restrictions. Check and see if you have restrictions turned on and if you disabled Safari in the process.


    Also swipe from screen to screen and look for it on other screens and in folders. You cannot delete or reinstall the preinstalled apps on the iPad. It is there somewhere.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. As soon as I put up the post, I cam across another post from someone with similar problem. As I was changing the restriction settings, I got your response. Thanks anyway for responding and I apologize for not looking for the answers more thoroughly before duplicating an earlier post. Enjoy your day!

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    No apologies necessary. I'm Glad that you got it resolved.