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Hey there,

I don't need to know the exact code of how to do this, I am just wondering for now if this is the right way to do this.


What I want is my Root View to have 3 prototype cells(including disclosure indicators), including a subtitle, and 1 button at the bottom of the prototype cells.

When tapping a cell, (there are 3 different table view controllers that can open, depending on the cell chosen), it pushes to a Table View Controller that allows the user to tap a row they want, a check mark shows the row they tapped, then when they tap the back button to go back to the Root View, I want their choice from the Table VC they were just at, to show up in the subtitle field under the prototype cell they chose. Same goes for the other 2 prototype cells.


Once the user has chosen all 3 and can see their choices in the prototype cell's subtitle, they can tap the submit button, and it will read from a database, querying all the selections from the 3 subtitles in the root view, and take them to a new Table VC that displays the results, with disclosure indicators for each selection from the database. They can go back to the Root VC, or they can choose a row from the database results and go into the Detail VC for that selection.


I hope this makes sense, so I ask this:

1. Is this the best way to pass data back to the Root VC, as in using the subtitle of the prototype cell's. I liked it because the subtitle is smaller than the cell so it shows what you chose from the Table VC you were at and checked a certain value from.


2. If this is the way to do it, how do I pass the values from the Table VC that has a checkmark that you chose, back to the Root VC's subtitle for that cell you initially chose.


Side note: The button on my Root VC takes up the whole width of the screen and i can't seem to change it, is there a way to customize the size with my mouse or do I need to write custom code?


I am not at home so I can attach pics later as I have a 'not working model' that shows what I am doing and might be easier to udnerstand.


Any help is definitely appreciated as I just need to know if I am on the right track.