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I grabbed this off your web site about automating Nap mode in Tiger (http://www.jcsenterprises.com/Japamacs_Page/Blog/567DFEE3-A0A8-4602-9722-FCFCD76 D8837.html):


do shell script "hwprefs cpu_nap=1"


Save as Applescript application then place in startup items.


I saved as Applescript app. I placed in HD > Library > StartupItems > Enable Nap Mode.app


Noticed my computer was running 6°C warmer today than yesterday (as indicated by hard drive temperatures in iStat menus).  We had a few power outages overnight but computer starts up automatically after outage so it had rebooted at least twice


Went to CHUD Hardware panel in system preferences and saw nap mode was NOT on.  Manually activated it and drives are cooling down now.


Uh, does this script work, or did I put it in the wrong place?

G4 Quicksilver 2x1GHz 250/120GB HDs, Mac OS X (10.4.11), OS9.2.2, iTunes7.5, QT7.4&QTP2.5.1