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what's happening with this software??!

how erasing tiny check box in app synchronization result removing all apps with all saving and levels passed!!!

OMG i lost all information's.


i still cant imagine that one box can erase all ur apps & information!

are u calling this ease of use?????



what is surprising me at the end is last update says

fixing erase of apps accidentally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPhone 4S, Windows 7, Dell Precision M4400
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    LIKE Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Click the button again to re-sync your phone and take some vicodin. Jesus.


    Read this article and do steps 3-5 . You only half updated. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4972

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    who told u it solved my issue?!!


    im runnig on iOS 5.1 dude not even the 5.0 u refered to

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    If this is the same computer you normally sync with and this happened today then restore the iPhone from the backup. If you lost all your data yesterday (or before) and you've already synced, then it is probably too late as the first sync of the day overwrites the backup.


    If you normally sync with another computer take the iPhone back to it, but do not let it automatically sync the device as you need to restore the current backup first.



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    and that's what happend


    then it is probably too late as the first sync of the day overwrites the backup.


    this is not fair at all and some one has to judge apple for this issue

    crappy iTunes even white im hosting all my apps into my PC

    and waste a lot of space just to backup all apps which is about 14GB in total

    reserved for this silly backup, but i lost everything again.


    im so crazy and dont know what to do!!!!!

    and please silly guys dont jump up with ur usual answer:

    "Apple dont do mistakes, it's probably missused!!! or u got wrong instructions!!!"


    come on guys, check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    About iTunes 10.6.3

    iTunes 10.6.3 includes support for OS X Mountain Lion and addresses a number of important issues:

    • Addresses a problem where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad (1st generation) that contains an iBooks textbook
    • Fixes a problem where photos synced to a device may appear in an unexpected order
    • Resolves an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly delete playlists created on a device
    • Fixes issues where iTunes may unexpectedly delete apps on a device
    • Improves overall performance and
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    But you've already stated that you changed a check box at the outset. I'm pretty sure you will have had a warning saying that the effect would be to remove all the apps and settings, and you made the wrong choice of what to do at that point. Regardless of how it happened, what is done is done. With luck some of your games will have progress saved in GameCentre.


    Once you've got everything set up the way you want it again, back up and then restore the device. This will archive that restore point so you can use it again in future. If you do the same thing (backup, then restore) every month or so you will minimize the danger. Later on you can delete older archived backups to free up space from Edit > Preferences > Devices.