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I have a book I want to sell as an EPUB when done...only one problem I got the message when doing so: " floating objects aren't supported in ePub format" So I found out by checking inline format that will work but it moves the text box and photo to where it want to go and not where I want it to be...this will not work so how do I make it stay where I place it and still save without the error of floating object issues.... In addition, when I let it go where it wants to go it lets me stay as an ePub and takes me to iTunes producer ( I have my books on iTunes made with iBooks Author) and is this right...I want to make it ready as an ePub not for Apple but for other eBook readers... Can anyoe help? Thanks

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    Cut/Copy the image and click where you want it in the text, usually on its own line, then paste.


    Inline objects behave just like a character in the text, so you can align that whichever way you want.


    "In addition, when I let it go where it wants to go…"


    Have no idea what that means.



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    Thanks for your answer...I ddi what you said...cut and tried to paist it on the top left of the page and it always goes to the center of the page...there is no way to have the photo be on the top left of the page (photo is 2X2 inches) It can move a bit up and down on the page but only in the center of the page...I have no way to place the photo where I want...

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    Did you click in the text so you saw an insertion point?



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    I sure did...the photo just goes in the center of the page no matter what I do...I can make the photo bigger or smaller with one of 3 points on the photo one on the right of photo, one bottom right corner of photo and one on the center of bottom of the photo...

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    Click on my blue name and email me the document with the photo and I'll see if I can spot the problem.



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    Thanks Dennis got your email but it didn't include the actual Pages document.


    From what I can see it looks like you have used either the Inline button on the Toolbar or the Inspector to make it inline, not cut and paste it as I suggested.


    If you used the Toolbar button to change the image to Inline and clicked on the image, there then appears another button next to the Inline button which is alignment. Select the left align option in that.


    There also appears to be a separate floating textbox presumably for a caption. Not sure what you are doing with that but you could have grouped it with the image and made the group inline.



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    I copied text & paisted it and then draged the 3 photos from the file...then clicked on the photo then clicked the inline boxon tool bar nexed to floating one and that is how I did it


    I do not know what you mean "cut & paist"  how do I get the photo in from my picter folder if I do not drag it to the page in Pages? 


    I went to my photo folder and copied a photo and paisted the photo on the top left part of the page and it went there but there was no text to the right of photo...I could crop the photo to what ever size but no text to the right of photo...


    This is just too big of a mess of a program as it should be easier then this,,,I hav e 300 photos in this project and would have to re-paist them all...that is nuts...


    I see the button to the right of inline and floating that has 6 [lace to have the photo but the text does not float around the photo...


    If this is what your talking about this very little freedom in my page layout as I need it to let me place it where I need it to be and the wrap the text...


    There has to be an easier way to get my books ready for other formats other that Apple's iPad...iBooks Author was way eisier to make ready for iTunes...Love that program!!!


    Want my books for sale on all the other formats and was told by Apple Pages whould do it...


    I must be be out to lunch or the designers at Apple are ???

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    It doesn't help when you don't send me your file.


    You obviously are confused by what is going on, but I can't discover exactly what you have done without the file.


    Here is my document, which was quick and easy:


    Pages Inline objects.png



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    I've sent your sample document back.


    Reply image positioning.png


    1. Click on image, cut (command x)


    2. Click in front of first words "Lorum Ipsum, paste (command v)


    3. Go to Tool bar, click on Wrap button to right of Inline/Floating button


    4. Choose first option, align left.


    If the anchor point, the blue pin like stroke, falls in the wrong point you can grab the image and drag the cursor point to where you want the anchor to be.